4 Tips to Help You Succeed as a Mumpreneur

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Meet the Mumpreneur – she’s creative, fearless, a dedicated mum, and has something excellent to sell, whether it’s a service or a product. She also knows that there is no longer a reason to choose between motherhood and a career, and that she can have the best of both words.

She’s able to set her own hours, choose whom she wants to work with, and dedicate her career to something she truly believes in – all while still being able to do the school run and never miss out on the all-important dance recital.

That’s not to say that running your own business doesn’t come with stresses; there will surely be sleepless nights, missed deadlines, and children who need your attention. So whether you’re just starting out or if you business is already creating a buzz, here are 4 tips to help you succeed as a Mumpreneur.

Manage Your Time One of the most important skills of any mother is excellent time management. Whether you’re coordinating football practice with play dates and karate class around dinner and doctor appointments, you have to have all bases covered. The Mumpreneur is expected to do all of this alongside running a business. While we all know that there are excellent tools built into systems like MS Office for managing your business, you might be unaware of similar apps and software for keeping your family life running smoothly. Time management solutions like Cozi or Hub allow you to organise family events, shopping lists and appointments all in one place, where every member of the family can see it, keeping everyone on the same page.

Find Your Happy Place While it might be easiest to plunk your laptop down on the kitchen table, it’s probably not the best option for promoting productivity. Finding a designated, peaceful and inspirational space for you to conduct your business is essential, as it removes distractions such as family members coming and going, or eyesore chores that you haven’t been able to get to just yet.

If you don’t have a spare room in your house for a designated home office, consider a quiet corner of your bedroom, a sunny spot in the conservatory, or perhaps a well-insulated garage. If your business is a little further along, another option worth considering is a facility that offers a flexible office solution which will allow you to get out of the house, and even offers a little more space for any extra inventory or archives.

Know When to Ask for Help Asking for help might just mean asking your partner to take the children out for the afternoon or throwing dinner together so that you can finish up an important project, or even getting the kids to run packaged orders to the post box.

Getting the family involved in your business during busy times can not only be a relief to you, but it can also teach children important lessons about the value of money and the importance of a strong work ethic. Young children can also become jealous over anything that affects their time with mum, so getting them involved can ease this strain.

If your business is really taking off, asking for help might mean bringing on additional staff. This may not be a realistic option if you run your business from your bedroom, or if your business is seasonally driven. Online outsourced PA services can be an excellent personnel boost to help you through busy times, without having to worry about paying a full-time staff member.



Finding time to pamper yourself or even just turn off your brain can be difficult for someone who is running a business and a family. But downtime is even more important for a Mumpreneur.

Making sure that you have a strong support system, whether it’s family, friends or staff, means that you can remove yourself from the grind and get away from the pressures of being both a mum and a business owner.

Sometimes an afternoon shopping is all it takes, but it’s also important to plan family holidays or romantic weekend getaways with your significant other. It’s essential to break away from the expectations we place upon ourselves as business-running mums, and make time for the experiences that will leave you rested, refreshed and better able to tackle everything that comes your way.


Aindrea White

Aindrea White writes on behalf of Make Space Self Storage. Click here to learn more about the benefits of flexible office solutions.


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