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Childcare Clair is guesting with us today and talking about ditching the ipads and getting your little ones outside to play.

There has been quite a lot in the news recently about children and a lack of vitamin D in their diets.  A lack of vitamin D is actually quite common in today’s society, with the increased risk of skin cancer and also the invention of computer consoles luring children away from outdoor play. A lack of vitamin D can cause general aches and pains, but a more severe lack of the vitamin can lead to rickets in young children.

With two members of my family suffering with Multiple Sclerosis, I have become increasingly aware of the importance of getting my daughter in the daylight as much as possible.  There is a link with MS and Vitamin D in that the further a person is away from the equator, the higher the risk of MS, and people who suffer with MS often feel at their best when spending time in countries with lots of warm sunshine.

Being aware of this, I make a concerted effort to get out with my daughter during the day. I cannot always do so when the weather is so miserable (we are looking to remedy this by getting some all in one wet weather gear for her!!!) but the best time I have found is after her dinner. Usually, she finishes her meal and says “Telly on, Mummy!” and I felt bad that she saw this has become the norm. I had to change that and we have now begun to take little walks to the park, and when her Dad is around, we drive to little woodland areas for a stroll. Autumn is a fantastic time for crisp, evening walks with the colourful leaves on the trees and conkers to collect!!

Not only do these little walks help with her vitamin D intake, it also gets her close to nature, keeps her fit and allows me to have a little well deserved fresh air. I found I have felt more invigorated after a nice walk with her, and it has also been helping her sleep as it has become part of her bedtime routine. A walk, a bath, a story and bed……brilliant!! It seems a shame that the clocks will be going back in a couple of weeks, and we will be in darkness after her evening meal, but I have plans for this too…… the form of torch play in our garden!!! There are always ways around things to get us out in the fresh air!!

Prevalence of vitamin A deficiency. Red is mos...

Prevalence of vitamin A deficiency. Red is most severe (clinical), green least severe. Countries not reporting data are coded blue. Source: WHO (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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