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We all know that when you’re trying to work and raise a family flexible working can be awesome. I have a flexible working agreement and it works brilliantly, allowing me to be there to do the school runs and take care of all the other things my children need on a daily basis. Unfortunately there is no such agreement at home. As a single parent I’m on call 24 hours a day!

At the end of my flexible work day there is still dinner to cook, laundry to do (I’m sure there is a laundry monster living in my house and lauging everytime I look in the basket), the house to tidy and a million other jobs that need taking care of not to mention the ad hoc shouts of MUUUUUUUMMMM that rent the air every twenty seconds because someone can’t find a sock.

I regularly speculate if it’s just me who never seems to get everything done and I often feel that I’m doing everything ok but nothing really well. There’s never a time when I sit down and think aaahhh, it’s all finished. But then yesterday I talked to a friend and explained how I was feeling to her. Her view was that it was good that I felt like this because if I was handling everything perfectly and managing the work/family/house juggling act to perfection everyone would hate me and I’d have no friends. Seems we’re all in the same boat!

So, as I’m sitting here at my kitchen table working I can see the (very full) ironing basket and I know what I will be doing tonight after the kids go to bed. However, I will only be ironing the collars of my daughters school shirts, she wears them under a jumper now it’s cold after all, which means I’ll  be done half an hour earlier which means I’ll have time for a glass of wine and a replay of Come Dine with Me. Now, that’s what I call flexible!

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