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Andrea 2In our careers most of us are pegged by our abilities and drive. You’re either an over achiever, an under achiever or middle of the road and for the most part you will be consistent in your “zone”. Then you have a child and all bets are off! Whatever you thought you were before will be thrown in the air and how it all lands back is anyones guess. Take me for example. In my career I would say that I probably sit in the “middle of the road”. I’m not at the top of the tree but I’m a good steady worker and I always get where I need to go. I’ll never be the CEO but I make a great right hand woman!

Enter Motherhood where the smallest achievements take on disproportinate significance and just getting dinnr on the table before 8.30pm is cause for celebration. Here my theory on your “zone” changes. I  find that my middle of the road status carries along nicley but I have flashes of major over achievment and, unfortunately, regular bursts of under achievement too. Take the last two days. We had a busy weekend and I didn’t get around to doing the ironing. I wasn’t too stressed by this, we have plenty of clothes, until 8am on Monday morning had my daughter yelling “Mum, where are my school shirts” to which I replied “in your drawer where they always are, you just need to look properly”. Of course, there were no school shirts in the drawer. There were also no trousers in my sons drawer and he was crying about having to go nursery in his underpants. Good one Mum! I found a clean, but unironed, shirt for my daughter and told her not to take her jumper off all day and then no-one would know and managed to shake a pair of jeans into a wearable state for my son and we made it out of the door on time. Score 1 for the under achiever!

Then today, I hit the big time. My daughter has a Christmas party at school and it’s the first time I have been involved in one. All parents were asked to contribute some food and being a reasonably good baker I knocked up a batch of cupcakes covered in sparkly dust and snowflakes. As we stood in line at the playgorund whistle this morning I looked around and saw every child clutching a box or bag of something. I’m talking breadsticks, biscuits, cadburys mini rolls. My daugher was the only child who had homemade cupcakes and she was beaming with pride to show the teacher what her Mum had made. So today I am an over achiever and I have to confess that after the no shirt incident yesterday I did feel a little smug. It’s amazing the confidence boost you can get from 12 little cupcakes!

So I guess todays lesson is if you screwed up yesterday you can always pull it back today but you will probably screw up again tomorow. It’s called being a parent!


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