Benefits of Childcare Training

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Nurse with Children

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Professional development as a nanny is just as important as if you are a lawyer or an accountant. Norland College, for example, insists that all its Norlanders undertake at least 2 days a year of professional development to improve on their skills and keep abreast of developments in the theory and practice of childcare. It may seem obvious but sadly many parents will restrict their nannies from furthering their skills even though it will benefit their children in the long run.

So what are the benefits to parents and to nannies of childcare training? We asked BabyEm to educate us:

Benefits of childcare training for a parent:

There are a range of courses out there suitable for nannies, from one day courses teaching specific topics such as managing behaviour to year-long childcare diplomas or degrees. Although choosing a nanny with childcare qualifications is not the only reason to choose someone, there are key benefits:

  • Using childcare vouchers – Parents using childcare vouchers are required to use Ofsted registered childcare. If your choice of childcare is a nanny they will be required to be registered on the voluntary part of the Ofsted childcare register, and will need to have a Paediatric First Aid certificate (valid for 3 years) and have completed a course that covers the Common Core Skills.
  • Caring for babies – If you are hiring a nanny to care for your baby, they will need a different set of skills to those of a nanny caring for a toddler or child. The most popular course for childcare professionals caring for babies is the Maternity Nurse Award, which addresses all aspects of mother and newborn baby care, as well as the practical support and guidance required within the family home environment. This course gives parents the peace of mind that their nanny is up to date with current guidelines and best practice.
  • Confidence that your nanny knows what to do in an emergency – Receiving a call to say that your child has had an accident or is lost is every parent’s worst nightmare. But knowing that your nanny is able to deal with situations calmly and confidently enables parents to go about their day confident their child is safe. A good childcare course should not only teach the importance of safety, but also how to teach children to stay safe, using age appropriate activities such as role play, stories or games so that children understand key messages. Likewise a good Paediatric First Aid course should have a good balance of theory and practical exercises (with plenty of time to practice exercises).
  • Confidence that your nanny is able to implement age appropriate activities – A key part of a nanny’s role is implementing age appropriate activities to support your child to develop across a number of key areas including, maths, language and literacy, social and emotional development and creative skills. A good childcare course will teach child development and support childcarers to understand how they can meet the individual needs of each child, and work in partnership with parents.


Benefits of childcare training for a nanny:

There are many benefits for nannies in attending childcare training.

  • Develop new skills – Experience counts for a lot but training courses enable you to keep up to date with best practice and help you feel confident in your ability to care for the individual needs of each child you are caring for.
  • Know what to do in an emergency – At the very least nannies should get a Peadiatric First Aid qualification, as knowing what to do in an emergency could save a child’s a life and most nanny agencies require nannies to have this.
  • Make friends and share experiences- Working as a nanny can be at times isolating, especially if you are working in an unfamiliar area and don’t know anyone. Many nannies feedback that a key benefit of attending training is meeting other nannies and sharing experiences and best practice.
  • Gain a  formal childcare qualification – Childcare qualifications enable nannies to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate to employers that you have a good understanding of the topics studied, as you have had to sit an exam or complete course work.


Babyem specialise in training for Nannies and Maternity Nurses and deliver a range of childcare and maternity qualifications. More information regarding their courses can be found at


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