Benefits & Rewards

Employee Benefits and Rewards

Working with HR teams delivering annual employee benefit and reward programmes

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Benefits & Rewards

By understanding and meeting the needs of your organisation and your employees, Parental Choice's customised solutions will:

  • Increase employee productivity, loyalty and morale
  • Reduce turnover of valued employees
  • Mitigate recruitment cost through employee retention
  • Create an agile workplace and workforce
  • Reduce employee absenteeism and burnout
  • Enable employees to focus on work and be productive
  • Create a happy, well balanced and motivated workforce
  • Encourage talent to return after maternity/paternity leave
  • Attract new talent by being Employer of Choice
  • Help create and maintain your talent pipeline
  • Aid the smooth transition of your relocating employees (company requested & new hires)

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Parental Choice’s extensive suite of services combines elements for your workforce and those that are at the individual employee level. All tailored to a bespoke benefit package.

Our support and services include...
For the workforce:
  • Wellbeing talks & sessions covering a wide and diverse range of topics

  • Online employee portal featuring exclusive advice and guidance
  • Co-branded monthly newsletter for your employees who opted-in
  • Co-branded literature promoting your organisations investment in your employees
At the individual employee level:
  • One-to-one consultancy sessions (for employees to discuss their care requirements)
  • Family global mobility services (orientation, international childcare & education searches, destination marketing)
  • Childcare Searches - Out-of-home childcare (nursery, childminder, etc) and in-home childcare
  • School Searches (private and state sectors and international)
  • Eldercare Searches (residential/nursing home)

Through offering Parental Choice’s services and support, your organisation will positively impact the lives of your employees, and in return you will benefit from their ability channel their energy and focus.

Your employees will:
  • Achieve a better work life balance
  • Benefit from better wellbeing and increased selfcare
  • Be better armed to effectively navigate working family challenges
  • Have non-work-related pressure alleviated
  • Save time when requiring care or schooling solutions

Contact us to discuss, how with minimal financial outlay, Parental Choice’s tailored solutions will create a programme of rewards with maximum benefit to your employees.

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