Remote working – the big sea change

Remote working – the big sea change I know you haven’t been living under a rock because in some way shape or form you have been affected by the corona outbreak virus. It may be something very personal to you in terms of the health of friends and family and/or suddenly having to work from […]

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Is childcare stopping for keyworkers?

Is childcare stopping for keyworkers? Key workers are doing an amazing job in keeping the country moving during the coronavirus crisis. Our heroic NHS staff are putting the health of the public above their own safety, delivery drivers and shop workers are still working hard to provide us with essential shopping and binmen are still […]

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Elders keeping in touch while social distancing

Ways to stay in touch with elders during social distancing People aged 70 and over have been urged to self-isolate for 12 weeks as the government bids to prevent the NHS from being completely swamped from coronavirus cases. Pensioners will effectively be cut off from friends, family and loved ones while health officials desperately try […]

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Being an expat during the Coronavirus crisis.

Being an expat during the coronavirus crisis Moving overseas is a highly stressful experience at the best of times but the coronavirus crisis has increased many expats’ difficulties considerably. Straight into isolation? It’s hard to imagine how you’d feel if you had only just arrived in a new country, with very little idea about how […]

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Changes in law for employers of nannies

How is employment law changing for small businesses and employers of nannies In April, the Government usually issues changes in the income thresholds or changes in the minimum wage. There are usually also minor tweaks to employment law which employers should be aware of, whether by statute of through case law. April 2020 is no […]

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Coronavirus: Claiming Wage Costs

Coronavirus:  How to claim wage costs through Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme This document has been compiled based on a summary of the information provided by the Government on 26th March 2020. The intention is to provide a quick overview of the key information regarding eligibility and details of how the scheme will operate. Overview This [&h...

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