Coronavirus: Advice for nannies

Coronavirus: Advice for nannies COVID-19 and Childcare – What Should Nannies Do During these Uncertain Times? With the daily updates from the Prime Minister and senior ministers within government, the advice around COVID-19 is changing at an unprecedented pace, and this uncertainty is having a knock-on effect on much of the population.  A lot of...

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Coronavirus: Supporting nannies and employers

Supporting nannies and their employers As an employer of nannies, you will probably have a lot of questions at this current time of crisis. Similarly, nannies will also be worried for their jobs and the children that they are looking after. To help allay your concerns and guide you as to the current legal situation, […]

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Help children anxious about Coronavirus?

How to help children through the anxiety of the Coronavirus? The Coronavirus reports are everywhere, so your children will inevitably have heard about it. With so much news surrounding the virus, it can cause anxiety. So how do you help children through the anxiety of the Coronavirus? Here we share some tips to help you […]

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Coronavirus: what do to if schools close

Coronavirus: What do to if schools close The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, has officially been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. There are many countries which have made the decision to close schools and colleges and cancel mass events.  The UK government have resisted pressure to do the same, and the Prime Minister, [&hell...

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The reasons behind the motherhood penalty

What are the reasons behind the motherhood penalty? As a mother, do you ever have a “sliding doors” moment and ask how might my life have been different? What if I had not chosen this path and done something different instead? What would I have earnt had I not had children? One judge recently awarded […]

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Working dads and the new work life balance

Working Dads and the wew Work/Life Balance Bringing up children is never easy, but it’s particularly difficult if you’re a working parent. Both mothers and fathers have it tough for most of the working week. They both have a juggling act to perform. Fathers expectations are changing too. Many new dads want a different dynamic […]

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How will Brexit affect my childcare?

How will Brexit affect my childcare? This week the UK is set to leave the EU.  But there are many employers and employees, and potential employees, who are still very confused and concerned as to what leaving the EU means to them in terms of their employment rights. As Parental Choice focused on helping working […]

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Euromoney Supports Working Parents

Euromoney supporting working parents Chris Browne explains why offering more than a standardised benefits package will make a difference to employees   On joining international business information group Euromoney in May 2018, I was looking for ways to enhance the employee benefits package – in particular for the 800 or so London office employees....

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