Five tips for selecting a care home

Five tips for selecting a suitable care home for a loved one Some care homes focus on how they can benefit the owner and their staff rather than the residents. Moreover, there are instances where the advertised reputation of a home does not match the services it actually provides. For instance, a home for self-funding […]

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The importance of carers’ wellbeing in the workplace

The importance of carers wellbeing in the workplace Although there is still much work to be done, it is increasingly recognised that being a parent is a full-time job and that working parents (particularly working mothers) need all the help they can get. At Parental Choice we have long been conscious of the challenges of […]

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What is Arts4Dementia?

What is Arts4Dementia? The current government lockdown has been hard on families across the nation, indeed the world.  Having to stay within our individual households has meant a loss of contact with loved ones and a sense of isolation, particularly for the most vulnerable members of society.  People over 70 have been advised to stay […]

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Elders keeping in touch while social distancing

Ways to stay in touch with elders during social distancing People aged 70 and over have been urged to self-isolate for 12 weeks as the government bids to prevent the NHS from being completely swamped from coronavirus cases. Pensioners will effectively be cut off from friends, family and loved ones while health officials desperately try […]

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Coronavirus and the elderly

Coronavirus and the elderly Parental Choice has asked Sharon Betts, its Head of Family Care for advice on helping our elderly relatives, who are most vulnerable to the covid-19 coronavirus. On Wednesday 1tth March 2020 the World Health Organisation officially declared the coronavirus a global pandemic.  Various governments have moved swiftly to put...

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