A dad’s experience of lockdown

A dad’s experience of lockdown Statistically, mothers have been more affected by children not being in school, lack of childcare and generally ‘keeping house’ during lockdown. How did the dads cope?  We haven’t heard much in the press, so we thought we’d ask a few.  Here is first of two articles by Joe Young (aka www.dadonspl.co.uk). ...

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Employees at breaking point?

Employees at breaking point? There are plenty of articles in the media talking about women bearing the brunt of childcare and home schooling while juggling working from home.  Some have taken precious holiday to cope, many will be taking unpaid leave, but how long can they afford to do that for? Some have had to […]

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‘Quaranteed’ – teens and tweens in lockdown

Quaranteened! Our personal experience Since lockdown started in earnest there have been a wealth of resources circulating on social media for parents of younger children, from painting rainbows and baking cakes to the highly popular PE with Joe Wicks. However, there are far fewer tips in circulation when it comes to helping teenagers (and even [...

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Celebrating a child’s birthday during Coronavirus

Celebrating a child’s birthday during the coronavirus outbreak Birthday parties are incredibly important for children, especially if you put on a party for your children each year. However, with the current coronavirus crisis and social distancing, you will not be able to invite your child’s friends around for a party, and of course, this means...

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Work, keep healthy & fit with kids at home

How to work and keep healthy & fit with kids at home The struggle to stay on top of what we need to get done on any normal day for a working parent is real…. And then when you throw in new full-time responsibilities like stay-at-home-parent and educator, the struggle becomes overwhelming. Like everything about […]

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Is childcare stopping for keyworkers?

Is childcare stopping for keyworkers? Key workers are doing an amazing job in keeping the country moving during the coronavirus crisis. Our heroic NHS staff are putting the health of the public above their own safety, delivery drivers and shop workers are still working hard to provide us with essential shopping and binmen are still […]

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Elders keeping in touch while social distancing

Ways to stay in touch with elders during social distancing People aged 70 and over have been urged to self-isolate for 12 weeks as the government bids to prevent the NHS from being completely swamped from coronavirus cases. Pensioners will effectively be cut off from friends, family and loved ones while health officials desperately try […]

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Being an expat during the Coronavirus crisis.

Being an expat during the coronavirus crisis Moving overseas is a highly stressful experience at the best of times but the coronavirus crisis has increased many expats’ difficulties considerably. Straight into isolation? It’s hard to imagine how you’d feel if you had only just arrived in a new country, with very little idea about how […]

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