Helping children sleep

Help your children sleep The end of the summer marks the start of a new school year for children across the United Kingdom.  Schools in Scotland and Wales have already started their new academic year, and within a few short days, students across England will be joining their peers in a return to the classroom.  […]

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A dad’s experience of lockdown

A dad’s experience of lockdown Statistically, mothers have been more affected by children not being in school, lack of childcare and generally ‘keeping house’ during lockdown. How did the dads cope?  We haven’t heard much in the press, so we thought we’d ask a few.  Here is first of two articles by Joe Young (aka ...

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Dads Homeschool

Dads homeschool Around the world during this COVID crisis, it seems that mothers are taking on more of the home-schooling burden than fathers. I heard the other day that dads typically get 3 hours of uninterrupted time for everyone hour that a mum gets, partly due to the “Muummm!” factor, where children call for their […]

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Virtual holiday care

Virtual holiday care This month parents across the nation came to terms with the fact that the majority of school students will not be returning to the classrooms this term.  Many are left wondering what this will mean for them and their family.  Remote home schooling, for most children, continues to be the norm and […]

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Summer childcare juggle

Summer childcare juggle There is a general mixed feeling amongst parents across the country after hearing the latest news from the government with regards to lifting additional restrictions on the nation and trying to ease the economy back together. News that those sheltering in place can slowly re-enter social spaces, households can meet up once...

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How do you talk about racism with your children?

How do you talk about racism with your children? Recent world events have catapulted racism back to the top of the political agenda and many parents will be looking for guidance as to how to discuss this sensitive topic with their children. How society fosters racism in children No child is born racist, but as […]

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Helping your child cope with stress

Helping Your Child Cope with Stress With some primary school children returning to school this week following the Coronavirus lockdown, many children, as well as adults may be feeling anxious and stressed.   Stress in primary school children has risen to worrying levels according to school leaders. 78% of school primary teachers in a recent survey...

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Pros and cons of children going back to school

Pros and cons of children going back to school The COVID-19 coronavirus has stimulated much debate on the right courses of action to limit its spread through social distancing. The discussion considers the impacts on the economy and the education of our children. From 1st June, the government is re-opening certain year groups at schools. […]

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