Delaying a family as a woman

Delaying a family as a woman Fertility in the workplace – family and career Can women have it all? A century ago, women were expected to get married and have children by the age of 20.How times have changed! This is the mighty 21st century, when women can choose to have a career before having children. They don’t even have to settle down...

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Supporting your staff during Covid-19

Supporting your staff during Covid-19 People are working under conditions due to the new pandemic and social distancing guidelines. When we think of mental health and staff support, COVID must now be considered. As a business, you have a duty of care to your workers and staff wellbeing. We all need to consider the workforce’s concerns and...

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The four pillars of wellbeing for SMEs

Why employers need to know about the four pillars of wellbeing We all experience highs and lows – days where we feel on top of it all and others where we feel like everyone and everything is out to get us. It’s easy for the micro stresses and anxieties of everyday life to build up so that when a bigger problem inevitably comes along we feel overwhelmed....

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