Supporting your people back to the office

Supporting your people to return to the office I was surprised by the findings of a survey just published by the Manpower Services Group: workers in the UK are far more negative about returning to the office than those in other countries, like France or Germany.  What’s going on?  It seems that we are much […]

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Parenting and beyond during Covid-19 times

Parenting and beyond during Covid-19 times Admittedly, the majority of parents have felt a LOT of pressure these last few months. The uncertainty of schools reopening, quarantines, job losses or changes, inability to plan, cancellations of trips, difficulties in organising family life and socialising or seeing dear ones has been very challenging....

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1950’s called and want their gender stereotypes back please

The 1950’s called and they want their gender stereotypes back please COVID-19 has exposed many things that is making all of us rethink the way in which we live and work. One key aspect that COVID has exposed is the impact it’s having on different groups, according to their protected characteristics. It’s fair to say […]

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Covid-19 and the gender pay gap

Covid-19 and its affect on gender pay gap On April 27th, Parental Choice hosted a free webinar with Michelle Gyimah, gender equality guru.  This article gives you a brief overview of the discussions, which were fascinating.  You can watch the full video here. Gender Pay Gap reporting stops The COVID-19 outbreak has put the country […]

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Work, keep healthy & fit with kids at home

How to work and keep healthy & fit with kids at home The struggle to stay on top of what we need to get done on any normal day for a working parent is real…. And then when you throw in new full-time responsibilities like stay-at-home-parent and educator, the struggle becomes overwhelming. Like everything about […]

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Remote working – the big sea change

Remote working – the big sea change I know you haven’t been living under a rock because in some way shape or form you have been affected by the corona outbreak virus. It may be something very personal to you in terms of the health of friends and family and/or suddenly having to work from […]

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