A dad’s experience of lockdown

A dad’s experience of lockdown Statistically, mothers have been more affected by children not being in school, lack of childcare and generally ‘keeping house’ during lockdown. How did the dads cope?  We haven’t heard much in the press, so we thought we’d ask a few.  Here is first of two articles by Joe Young (aka www.dadonspl.co.uk). ...

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Dads Homeschool

Dads homeschool Around the world during this COVID crisis, it seems that mothers are taking on more of the home-schooling burden than fathers. I heard the other day that dads typically get 3 hours of uninterrupted time for everyone hour that a mum gets, partly due to the “Muummm!” factor, where children call for their […]

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Post lockdown – Domestic Abuse – The new epidemic?

Leaving Lockdown – Domestic Abuse – The new epidemic? In England and Wales domestic abuse makes up nearly a quarter of all reported violent crime and we have all heard about the spike in domestic abuse and violence during the recent Covid 19 lockdown. One in four women and one in six men may be […]

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Health and Safety for Working from Home

Health and Safety for Working from Home Whilst some industries have returned to work, many businesses are continuing to work from home in line with government advice to reduce the risk of infection and to protect their employees. Whether homeworking is a temporary or permanent solution, there are several Health and Safety responsibilities that employers...

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1950’s called and want their gender stereotypes back please

The 1950’s called and they want their gender stereotypes back please COVID-19 has exposed many things that is making all of us rethink the way in which we live and work. One key aspect that COVID has exposed is the impact it’s having on different groups, according to their protected characteristics. It’s fair to say […]

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Employees at breaking point?

Employees at breaking point? There are plenty of articles in the media talking about women bearing the brunt of childcare and home schooling while juggling working from home.  Some have taken precious holiday to cope, many will be taking unpaid leave, but how long can they afford to do that for? Some have had to […]

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