Grieving the Loss of a Mother

Grieving the Loss of a Mother Everybody reacts differently when their mother dies. My mother and I were close and when I lost her, I thought that I would never feel ‘normal’ again. I sometimes couldn’t breathe and was often sick. I couldn’t sleep and had to force myself to eat. Yet somehow through all […]

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Feeling Closer to your Children

Feeling Closer to your Children You might think it is a sign of progress that parents in the UK now spend more time with their children than they did 50 years ago, but, in fact, they actually feel an uneasy lack of closeness to them. And the children are more anxious. And everyone is feeling […]

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Survival tips for work-life balance

Survival tips for work-life balance Work-life balance is never going to be perfect! How can it be? When you bring a child into your life, something’s got to give to make room for him or her. And it doesn’t get easier as your child gets older… school hours and holidays bring additional challenges for working […]

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Starting nursery

Starting nursery – how to prepare your child Starting nursery school is a big step for both children and their parents. For many it will be the first time they have regular and substantial separation from each other and in addition it marks the beginning of the child’s path towards increasing independence. This often gives […]

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Supporting your Child with Friendship Challenges

Supporting your child with friendship issues Life and relationships are not always easy and we learn our skills as children, watching the interactions of our parents and other adults in our lives. What we learn as children then sets our patterns of relating in adulthood. Falling out with friends is normal during childhood and it […]

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A look at good company culture

A Look at Good Company Culture: How Performance (and Everything Else) Will Follow Despite some improvements in happiness levels among the UK workforce, The Independent reveals that nearly half are still set on searching for new jobs. And the biggest culprit? Poor management. Poor management is an expensive weakness that can cost companies lost productivity...

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Destressing at the end the working week

De-stressing at the end of the working week January is traditionally a month when we all feel a little down, chances are you had a lovely break over Christmas and are now straight back onto the hamster wheel of life like it never happened.  Ella Writer has some great ideas for stress busting at the […]

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Safety, online pressures and unhappy children

Safety, Online Pressures and Unhappy Children If you were asked to list items that make children unsafe, what would you say? Obviously, many parents would create an unending list of dangerous toys, strangers, bullies, and safety concerns hiding in our homes and flats. After all, we have read the dangers about choking hazards, toys made […]

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