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30yrs BornTooSoon Pearl30.epsEach year Parental Choice chooses a charity to support with a Christmas donation and promotion. This year we asked our staff to suggest their favourite charities and one drew on her own personal experiences and nominated Born Too Soon. We all agreed that this charity deserved our support this year. This is their story:

Born Too Soon is a registered charity set up in 1985 by families and staff on the Neonatal Unit at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.  Our aims are to offer information and support to families of small preterm babies and unwell newborn infants requiring specialist care.  We care for up to 18 babies at any one time and have 2 intensive care cots, 4 High Dependency and the others are classed as special care.

Last year we cared for nearly 600 babies.  The lives of new parents are turned upside down when their infant arrives early, it is totally unexpected and an experience no one can prepare them for, a roller coaster of emotions surrounding the many often critical decisions they have to make over the first few weeks of their infant`s life. Our aim is to make the experience the best it can possibly  be. Our specialist unit also cares for unwell new-born term babies requiring specialist care. We provide photographs for the families and Pauline is on the unit on a daily basis to offer support to families. 

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When a baby is admitted to the Neonatal Unit, his/her condition will be assessed and any necessary medical action taken. If you are unable to see your baby/babies  immediately Born Too Soon will provide a digital photograph, which  will be taken and given to you and  put in a special card. This first photograph is very precious. The equipment will seem strange and frightening. Please remember that the equipment is there for the staff to monitor and care for your baby. You will be kept informed of the progress of your baby, but please do not be afraid to ask questions. It is a good idea to have a small notebook in which you can write down questions as you think of them, so that you can then make sure when the Paediatrician/Consultant is available you have them to hand.

The majority of equipment on the unit has been purchased by Born Too Soon. This has only been made possible with the help of charitable donations.  Pauline Woods is on the Unit on a daily basis and is there to listen to any concerns you may have and to help make your time on the Unit a little bit easier. We also have our Matron Jill Hodgkinson who is also on the unit from Monday to Friday. 

 Our wish list this year for equipment is


These help support baby`s Breathing. It humidifies the air oxygen and helps improve the baby`s lung mechanics. It also enables the parents to see more of their baby`s face. Each one cost £5,000


These also support a baby`s breathing but in a slightly different way. They supply a continuous positive pressure to the baby`s lungs making the work of breathing a little easier.


These are homes for our small and premature babies for the first few weeks of life.  They give the baby warmth and humidity and can supply them with Oxygen.  They are an essential part of our care.

Your donations mean the world to us and the families that we support. Wherever they are, whenever they want to donate, friend and families can give to Born Too Soon easily, safely and securely. Thank you so much for your support we are so grateful.

If you would like to donate to this exceptional charity, please follow this link:



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