Brexit preparations – driving in UK & EU after March 29, 2019

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Many of you are aware that as it currently stands, March 29, 2019 is ‘Brexit Day’. From this date onwards, and with a No-Deal Brexit remaining a possibility, the details and minutiae of everyday life are likely to change in various ways.

One of these crucial details is the continued ability to legally register, insure and drive personal vehicles.

For those living in non-UK, EU countries:

A key issue for many individuals currently living in (non-UK) EU countries and holding a UK-issued driving licence, is that there is no guarantee that their UK driving licence will be sufficient in a post-Brexit landscape.

At the time of writing, UK governmental advice for affected individuals is to exchange their UK driving licence for a locally issued, EU driving licence as soon as possible. For guida

nce on how to exchange a driving licence within the EU, please see the European Union website.

There is no guarantee that UK driving licences will be directly exchangeable from March 29 onwards if a No-Deal Brexit situation eventuates – individuals may have to pass local driving tests. Further, it is possible that requirements may vary between EU member states. Hence the advice on exchanging licences prior to March 28, 2019.

For those intending to visit non-UK, EU countries:

For UK residents who are visiting (non-UK) EU countries from March 29, a different situation may occur. UK driving licences may need to be held in conjunction with an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Whether you need an IDP, and the type of IDP that you require will depend on the country (or countries) in which you intend to use your driving licence. Further information is available from the UK government. It is possible to obtain IDPs over the counter from specific UK Post Offices at a cost of £5.50 each.

When driving your UK-registered vehicle in the EU for a period of less than 12 months on and after March 29 (in the event of a No-Deal Brexit), the registration documents should be carried in the car.

Regarding insurance for UK-registered vehicles and trailers, there may be a requirement that motor insurance Green Cards are carried when driving in (non-UK) EU countries. Motor insurance Green Cards are issued by vehicle insurance providers.

In addition, if a UK-registered, UK-insured vehicle is involved in an accident in an EU country on or after March 29, any claim may need to be pursued in that country in the local language.

For up-to-date information about the Brexit process and how it may directly impact on you, your family and your business, you can sign-up to UK government email alerts.

For up-to-date information about changes to driving licence requirements, you can sign up to email updates from the DVLA.

If your business involves commercial bus and coach driving within the UK and EU, further information is available here.

If your business involves commercial lorry and good-vehicle driving within the UK and EU, further information is available here.


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