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Bright Horizons Family Solutions is delighted to announce their new partnership with Parental Choice (
as part of its Family Essentials programme.

Family Essentials offers busy working families extra support across all stages of work and family life.It’s a tailored and flexible programme of support services, from advice and information, to finding tuition, to providing backup care everything in one place accessed via an online portal. Employees can choose services that are most relevant to them, making it simple and easy to find the support they need.For their employers it’s a benefit that can help to create an engaged, productive and motivated workforce, essential for business growth.

Paul Quartly– Business Development Manager at Bright Horizons Family Solutions says:
“This partnership means that we can bring even more value to our customers.Parental Choice is a “one stop shop” for all parents, offering a raft of services from practical tools and tips, guidance and legal advice on all aspects of childcare.We see many synergies resulting from our partnership: Parental Choice’s services combined with our 203 strong portfolio of nurseries and preschools present an attractive proposition for parents both on and offline. We’re looking forward to some valuable joint initiatives which will add unique benefits to our customers throughout their parenting life.”

Sarah Jane Butler– Director at Parental Choice says: “Parental Choice’s goal is to enable parents to have the right information at their fingertips to make the right decision for their family and their careers. Providing general advice on the options available to families as well as tailored wrap around childcare, Parental Choice is pleased to be part of the Bright Horizons Family Essentials programme,as it supports individuals through every stage of their work and family life. It is a comprehensive and flexible programme for employers and employees alike, essential to the changing needs of families and businesses today.”

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