How can Employers support Employees’ summer holiday Childcare requirements?

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The following article on supporting employees appeared on the Employees Benefit website on 12 July 2018: (

The long school summer holiday can pose a financial and logistical nightmare for working parents, particularly those who rely on term-time breakfast and after school clubs. Often, parents have to cobble together a patchwork of care types, ranging from paid parental leave, summer holiday play schemes, informal childcare through friends and family, and annual leave entitlement.

Embedding flexible working as part of an organisation’s culture can further support working parents. This could include home working, varying start and finish times, condensed working hours or a ‘summer Fridays’ scheme, giving employees Friday afternoons off.

“It’s a really stressful and financially difficult period for parents, and putting in temporary flexible working arrangements [is] something that will be paid back in spades because [of] the amount of [employee] loyalty,” says Sarah-Jane Butler, chief executive officer at Parental Choice.

…. Employers should also consider having a statement of goodwill or intent within their formal carers’ policy. Butler explains: “[This should say that] during the six-week summer holiday, standard working arrangements will be reconsidered. That doesn’t tie [employers] down contractually because it doesn’t say they are definitely going to do something, but it also gives parents the flexibility they need.”

Read the full article through this link: How can employers support employees’ summer holiday childcare needs.

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