News Release – Parental Choice to support Working Families at Jupiter Asset Management

NEWS RELEASE Parental Choice to support Working Families at Jupiter Asset Management Parental Choice today is delighted to announce a new agreement with Jupiter Asset Management to provide concrete support for its working families.  The partnership will see the investment management company offer a tailored family support package for its UK-based...

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What kind of employer do you think you are?

What do you think you are? This is not a deep philosophical catechism designed to get you soul searching but rather a simple direct question aimed at businesses. What do you think you are? What kind of employer do you aspire to be? It is not without a sense of irony that these questions sound […]

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A look at good company culture

A Look at Good Company Culture: How Performance (and Everything Else) Will Follow Despite some improvements in happiness levels among the UK workforce, The Independent reveals that nearly half are still set on searching for new jobs. And the biggest culprit? Poor management. Poor management is an expensive weakness that can cost companies lost productivity...

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Reverse Culture Shock

Reverse culture shock Reverse culture shock describes the phenomenon of ‘culture shock’ in reverse, i.e. the difficult feelings people experience when they return home after having lived abroad. Initial happiness may give way quickly to dissociation, isolation, boredom, sadness and even depression. Unlike culture shock, which tends to be widely anticipated,...

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All change – settling relocating kids

All change – settling relocating kids When I first expressed my concern to friends and family about how our kids (then aged 3 and 6) would cope with our forthcoming move from London to California, everyone was quick to reassure me how adaptable children are. In reality…. …it turned out that uprooting ourselves from our […]

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LGBT and Diversity – a corporate example

LGBT and diversity – A corporate example To understand how LGBT inclusion features in into a Diversity & Inclusion strategy we asked our corporate Partners Northern Trust to give us an insight as to what they are doing … Northern Trust is a global financial services firm, employing 18,000 people across the globe. We work […]

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