The Business Case for Supporting Working Parents

What are the issues for Employees?

  • Resourcing of childcare is one of the biggest concerns for working parents
  • The costs for parents with two children in full-time childcare is 62% higher than the cost of the average mortgage for a family home*
  • Government forecasts have revealed that childcare fees will grow by nearly 30% over the next four years

What are the issues for Employers?

  • Loss of talent and experience as working parents look elsewhere for jobs that fit with their families and childcare needs
  • Continued absenteeism when long term childcare breaks down
  • Increasing dissatisfaction at work as the work / life balance is disrupted.

As an employer, you do not want your valued employees to reach the conclusion that it is not worth going back to work full-time. This would result in losing key members of staff with all of the experience, client relationships and training that has potentially been built up over a number of years.

An employee may not be able to afford to return to work due to the cost of childcare but more importantly, can an employer afford to lose them?

Parental Choice wants to help businesses support their employees so that they can successfully combine work and family. By guiding employees through the childcare options at their disposal to fit their agreed working patterns, absenteeism and resignations can be significantly reduced, thereby saving money for both parents and employers. By helping parents get back to work safe in the knowledge that they have the right childcare, we are also helping businesses retain staff and improve loyalty and commitment which will consequently be reflected in their performance.

Please see our Services for Employer section for further information regarding the bespoke and tailored packages that we offer to employers. We understand that no company has the same profile of employees – our goal is to work together to find the right childcare solution for employer, employee and their families.

*Report by the Family and Childcare Trust, March 2014

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