Childcare Search for a Nanny


Annabel works for a bank in the middle of the City of London for four days a week. She is going back to work in January 2013 and has asked Parental Choice to search for a Nanny on the basis of the following criteria:

  • She works in the City in London.
  • Full time Nanny for 4 days a week from 8am through to 6pm core hours in North London from January 2013.
  • Initial maximum budget would be £2,000 – £2,500 per month total cost including PAYE, Employers and Employee’s NIC.
  • The Nanny must have experience of looking after young babies – her daughter will be 6 months old.
  • The Nanny must be flexible given the hours that Annabel works.
  • Optional extras / nice to have: Annabel is keen to teach her daughter baby signing, plus she speaks Italian and would like for her to learn too, so an Italian speaker would be lovely.


Parental Choice identified 5 potential Nannies who were available according to Annabel’s criteria. We submitted our report to Annabel in October 2012 with full details on each available Nanny with each of their CVs attached as schedules and references available upon request. Parental Choice also organised for each of the Nannies to be available for telephone interviews after 7pm during the following week. Annabel interviewed 3 of the Nannies and finally chose Daniela, who, although not a native Italian speaker, was keen to speak and improve the Italian that she had and to teach Annabel’s daughter baby signing and Italian. Parental Choice, as instructed by Annabel, drafted Daniela’s employment contract and have set up the payroll for Annabel ready for Daniela to start in January.

“Using Parental Choice for all elements of our search for a nanny, cv review, reference check, contract documentation, PAYE and general advice has been brilliant. It was great to hand over all the hard work to them knowing they were doing everything for me and having complete confidence in them. Parental choice has done a great job for us and as parents themselves they appreciate how little time we have to think about things we don’t know much about and has given us great information at every point. I have and would continue to recommend Parental Choice to any parent thinking about employing a nanny as it is so easy and great value for money. Five stars from us!” Annabel

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