Relocating to Europe

Are you relocating employees and their families to (mainland) Europe/ the EU?

Does your relocation provider focus on the specific needs of these families moving to Europe to help ensure the relocation’s success?

Parental Choice’s expert team of Family Mobility Consultants has been working in Europe with companies and their employees for over five years, in a range of industry sectors including Law,
Financial Services and Retail.

Our expanding network covers the heart of Europe, including the business centres of Frankfurt,
Zürich, Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, Madrid and London.

 "As a company Parental Choice have not just provided support for some unique individual family cases, they have also proven their versatility and international reach by providing counsel and expertise as we plan our strategy for potential family support in the run up to Brexit. Planning for the unknown is a difficult task but with the support of Parental Choice, as a company we are now far more equipped to understand the educational footprint of new cities and what is available to the children of our employees. To be more prepared in this space will be invaluable in such a competitive landscape, and we shall look to Parental Choice to provide us with that advantage."
HR Director, Global Financial Services Firm

 At Parental Choice we know how hard family relocations are because our team of Family Mobility Consultants are all expats with families themselves.

Relocating a family with young children is a significant challenge, with a lack of local knowledge always being an area for concern on the part of the family. Standard relocation packages may help with visas, logistics, provide a rudimentary school search and a referral to a local estate agent.

But families need more information and detail than this. Families need to know:

  • Realistic School options and the various admissions procedures
  • Recommended areas to focus on for real estate searches based on their specific requirements, including school bus routes and travel options for schools.
  • Where and how to link into the health system, social networks and sporting communities
  • Local experts for any special needs requirements – special educational needs providers, specialist paediatricians, speech therapists, physiotherapists, immunologists, etc

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EUROPEAN CASE STUDY of a British family with two children relocating from UK to Zurich.

“Parental Choice has been instrumental in helping us move a senior female Executive that needed additional support around a family member with Special Needs. Our traditional mobility assistance would not have been able to provide the high-touch value add service. Without which, this important talent move may never have happened.” Senior HR Director at Global Financial Services Firm

One child required special education and sought a similar programme or schooling to which they had in the UK and to have options available for young adults with a similar mental disability. Parental Choice was asked to conduct research into the state of special education in Zurich and organise appointments with a child psychologist, social worker, educational support therapist, support workers at schools for the family to discuss their individual requirements.  A list of suitable schools was produced together with detailed information about programmes in one possible school.  In addition information was provided on local charities and support groups that would be able to help the family settle into Zurich.

“Our family was very pleased with the help that Parental Choice provided to us as we moved to Switzerland. It was so helpful to have someone researching, vetting and coordinating with schools for this move. It took so much stress off of what is normally one of the most stressful parts of an international move. 

The questions that they asked us really helped us to identify what type of schools we were looking for for both of our kids. Our son has special needs, so trying to find the right school overseas can be a stressful thing. Parental Choice helped us to find all the available options for him, including setting up phone calls and face to face meetings with schools and government and social service workers.” Family testimonial