Relocation Assistance for Global Mobility Teams

We make it as easy as possible for everyone. We work in both B2B and B2C spaces and with a wide variety of organisations.

When we assist corporate clients, we will often work in close partnership with the Global Mobility Teams and HR professionals.

At Parental Choice, we know how labour-intensive it is to arrange a family relocation, and we can help to ease your workload in one of two ways. Parental Choice can either:

  • function as an ‘invisible’ extension of your team; or
  • we can be a very visible partner, assuming the responsibility for a large part of the direct communication with employees’ families

Through our B2B operations we can ensure that the important task of looking after the employee’s and their family’s wellbeing does not fall solely on the shoulders of the Global Mobility Team, and thus ensuring a happy, successful family relocation that will support a successful employee assignment.

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employees’ relocations.

I have worked with Parental Choice for several years now, Sarah Jane and her Team have been instrumental in supporting a number of really challenging Talent moves – and were able to provide a level of support and research to both out-bound and in-bound Talent without which I don’t think the moves would have happened. In two cases in particular the move involved senior High Potential female Leaders with complicated family situations. Parental Choice made a direct contribution to the Diversity Strategy.

Global Head of Diversity, UBS

Working with Relocation Companies
Parental Choice has a number of partnerships with relocation firms who outsource services. Managing anything relating to a family’s wellbeing is a significant and hugely important task. We can take on the childcare, school search and family orientation elements, allowing the relocation firms to focus on their expertise.

We recognise the importance of providing specialist, value-adding services. We accomplish this through getting to know the families, understanding their unique requirements and providing them with the best possible service.