Corporate Benefit Packages

  • Childcare Searches

Whether it is a nanny, nursery, school, au-pair, maternity nurse or childminder, Parental Choice will take the stress and wasted hours searching away from employees and do all the hard work for them to source the most appropriate solution for their personal needs.

  • Payroll and Contract services plus Legal support

For working parents who choose to employ nannies or other domestic staff, Parental Choice are able to support with their responsibilities becoming an employer and to ensure they have legal support throughout issues.

  • Relocation services

Parental Choice works with HR and Global Mobility teams to relocate individuals and their families into the UK and EMEA and further afield, supporting them through tailored searches for schools, nurseries and sourcing bespoke childcare solutions.

  • Programme of Presentations and Seminars for professional working parents

Designed with the concerns and interests of parents and parents-to-be the Parental Choice programme of talks covers subjects relating to parenting, child psychology, childcare and education plus managing career and parenthood.

No company has the same profile of employees. The corporate benefit packages for employers that Parental Choice offer are uniquely designed to each company’s budget and requirements.

We tailor our packages to your exact needs and we would be delighted to discuss how you wish to support your working parents in order to design a suitable benefit package for your company, however large or small.

Examples of Parental Choice packages can include

Package Features
Option A
Option B
Free childcare searches
Discounts on all services
Quarterly talks on matters & issues affecting working parents from experts
Additional talk on ‘A-Z of Childcare’ or ‘Managing Childcare’
Tailored newsletter to company’s working parents providing latest news, information and insights relating to childcare & parenting
Co-Branded leaflets & factsheets
Free on call advice to all parents

The corporate benefits packages for employers that Parental Choice offer are uniquely designed around each company’s budget and requirements.
Please contact us to prepare a bespoke package today.