Relocation anywhere in the world is a daunting, and can be stressful, experience, especially when there are families and children to consider. Parental Choice are experienced working with Companies who are keen to ensure the relocation of their individuals is as smooth as possible.

Moving a single employee is relatively straight forward but staff with families are far more complex to move and getting it wrong can mean significant financial loss to the family as well as company and can often have a negative career impact for the employee.

Most organisations managing expatriate postings offer the usual benefits such as appropriate medical cover, annual flights home, assistance with taxation, and often allowances towards renting a home or cars. However, many miss out the ‘softer’ benefits that can make all the difference to a smooth transition. What companies also fail to realise is that one size does not fit all when it comes to relocation packages and support.

Relocating Families

What relocating families need is knowledge. They need to know about different types of schools (rather than just be dumped in the nearest international school) and how the admissions process works; they need to know academic calendars; where to source medical care; how to open bank accounts and how to convert their driving licences. The list goes on and on. Much of it can be managed with a carefully thought-out information pack, but in some areas the personal touch is definitely required.

Often most of the set-up work when relocating as a family is done by the ‘trailing spouse’ who is not employed by the company, which can be hugely daunting without support. If that person also has a job the task is monumental, as not only will they also be settling into a new role but both parents will have the equally hard task of settling the family into a different country with new schools and unknown childcare systems. Offering support can have a huge impact on the ability of your employee to start performing at a high level as soon as possible.

Parental Choice works with HR and Global Mobility teams to relocate individuals and their families into the UK and EMEA and further afield.   Our service is comprehensive, personal and value added. We have a multi-lingual team, with personal experience of the issues facing those relocating, and are able to provide the following services:

  • Tailored Search for Schools or Nurseries
  • Bespoke search for a Nanny, Au Pair, Maternity Nurse or Child-minder
  • Payroll and Contract Support for Employers of Nannies in the UK with referrals to our partners overseas for similar services

Parental Choice is a one-stop shop for all parents’ childcare needs when relocating.

I have worked with Parental Choice for several years now, Sarah Jane and her Team have been instrumental in supporting a number of really challenging Talent moves – and were able to provide a level of support and research to both out-bound and in-bound Talent without which I don’t think the moves would have happened. In two cases in particular the move involved senior High Potential female Leaders with complicated family situations. Parental Choice made a direct contribution to the Diversity Strategy.

Global Head of Diversity, UBS

Case Study Examples of Relocation:

Family with three children aged 4, 3, 1 and a baby due shortly after their relocation where moving from the US to the UK with their father’s employment. He was to be based in the City of London and there were many options available to them in regards to where they should live.  The family required a school place for the oldest, which was to be a late application as the schools had already offered all their places for the September start, a nursery school for the middle child and also a temporary nanny, with experience of new born babies, for 3 months to help settle them into London when they arrived.

Parental Choice identified schools in their four potential areas in London, and determined the small number which had places available for the start date required. Full details of the schools together with application details were provided and information about the locations that would be most suitable for the family to live. A similar nursery search was provided with information in regards to the top 5 nurseries that met their criteria. A temporary maternity nanny was found who worked a successful three months with the family and settled the children into the UK following their move.

child with suitcase

British family with two children relocating from UK to Zurich. One child required special education and sought a similar programme or schooling to which they had in the UK and to have options available for young adults with a similar mental disability. Parental Choice was asked to conduct research into the state of special education in Zurich and organise appointments with a child psychologist, social worker, educational support therapist, support workers at schools for the family to discuss their individual requirements.  A list of suitable schools was produced together with detailed information about programmes in one possible school.  In addition information was provided on local charities and support groups that would be able to help the family settle into Zurich.

Parental Choice have been instrumental in helping us move a senior female Executive that needed additional support around a family member with Special Needs. Our traditional mobility assistance would not have been able to provide the high-touch value add service. Without which, this important talent move may never have happened.

Senior HR Director at Global Financial Services Firm

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