EU Relocation Services

NEW Frankfurt based childcare search and selection services

Are you a family friendly employer looking to boost business and reputation by optimising global mobility and best practise employee relations beyond the UK into Europe?

Relocation to EUDo you need a trusted, personalised relocation service to support and retain working parent talent across multi-site locations within the EU’s financial heartland?

Parental Choice’s expert childcare team has been working in partnership with companies and helping parent employees for over five years, in a variety of sectors including Law, Retail and Financial Services. We are now extending our specialist support networks across Europe in line with the current global business climate.

Our new dedicated childcare support network is now open in the financial heart of Europe and Germany’s financial district, Frankfurt. We are forming working partnerships with corporate HR and Global Mobility teams to assist with the relocation of parent employees. This launch pad for our European expansion is a direct result of successful collaborations with our financial services business partners across the UK in support of implementing family friendly policies as fundamental business tools for optimising the productivity and profitability of resources within the global marketplace.

Our first EU based family-focused relocation support service in Frankfurt offers comprehensive insights into all the childcare opportunities available within the German metropolis and is vital to help employers achieve successful relocations when moving employees with childcare responsibilities to a new country with new schools and an unknown childcare system. Specialist support for the well-being of working parent families relocating overseas can have a huge impact on the ability of employees to start performing at a high level as soon as possible.

Relocating with school-age children is one of the biggest challenges families can face but moving overseas with a child is even more daunting. The main childcare challenge that relocating families face is the lack of knowledge of the area and country that they are moving to. Standard relocation services will help find a house and a school but what parents really need to know are their options, as well as how the admissions process works. At Parental Choice, we know just how important it is to help families make the right choices that support their family’s wellbeing in a foreign marketplace.

We help to ease of upheaval of uprooting families to relocate overseas and build a fresh support network with minimum stress. We are able to provide personal and value added advice and support and have a multi-lingual network of connections, with personal experience of the issues facing those relocating.

There is no need for large expensive tick-box gestures; rather understanding the particular stresses and pressure points that affect employees with children, such as travelling with infants or finding the right childcare, can generate a huge amount of goodwill and loyalty amongst employees. A little goes a long way. As there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to relocation, each project is tailor-made to the needs of the individual, their family and the company.

I have worked with Parental Choice for several years now, Sarah Jane and her Team have been instrumental in supporting a number of really challenging Talent moves – and were able to provide a level of support and research to both out-bound and in-bound Talent without which I don’t think the moves would have happened. In two cases in particular the move involved senior High Potential female Leaders with complicated family situations. Parental Choice made a direct contribution to the Diversity Strategy.”
Global Head of Diversity, UBS

What does a European childcare search by Parental Choice involve?

Our comprehensive, personal and value added search service provides employer solutions for employees with families of all ages and covers all the different childcare options available in Frankfurt, whether it’s a tailored search for schools or nurseries or a bespoke search for a Nanny, au pair or child-minder and includes:

  • An introductory brief-taking process, to ascertain specific requirements and assess the needs of the employee’s individual children (e.g. age-related search options such as nursery or primary or secondary school, state or independent, preferred gender mix etc)
  • A comprehensive information report offering practical insight into all the childcare opportunities available within the region including advice on the education system and schooling/childcare alternatives in the city including different types of school, syllabuses, examinations, entry procedures, registration procedures and fees.
  • Advice on the availability of spaces within these childcare options, and arrangement of appointments to inspect potential schools/childcare setting.
  • A specialist search & selection short-list, with advice as to the merits of each and details on the most suitable, geographically closest, relevant state and/or independent schools to a given location (including school contact details, league table results, and inspection reports).
  • Assistance and Support with final selection, lodging applications and securing placement
  • Organising registration with chosen schools, confirming places with schools, assisting with the completion of application forms, organising assessments/examinations
  • Ongoing Support Services, such as arranging payments of fees, organising uniform appointments, moving-up days, etc.

A full professional childcare support service for employers to offer relocating parent employees and ensure your business continues to optimise expat staff talent, loyalty and productivity.

“Parental Choice has been instrumental in helping us move a senior female Executive that needed additional support around a family member with Special Needs. Our traditional mobility assistance would not have been able to provide the high-touch value add service. Without which, this important talent move may never have happened.”
Senior HR Director at Global Financial Services Firm

EUROPEAN CASE STUDY of a British family with two children relocating from UK to Zurich.

One child required special education and sought a similar programme or schooling to which they had in the UK and to have options available for young adults with a similar mental disability. Parental Choice was asked to conduct research into the state of special education in Zurich and organise appointments with a child psychologist, social worker, educational support therapist, support workers at schools for the family to discuss their individual requirements.  A list of suitable schools was produced together with detailed information about programmes in one possible school.  In addition information was provided on local charities and support groups that would be able to help the family settle into Zurich.