Support & Advice

As part of our bespoke Corporate Benefits packages & Relocation Support services set up to support the career progression of working parents, Parental Choice provide a full childcare information, advice and support service for family friendly employers and their parent employees.

We advise on the full range of available childcare options for families across all ages, from nursery to school, au pair to childminder. This is supplemented by professional legal advice and support on employment and HR issues for working parents who choose to employ a nanny as well as expert guidance throughout the whole process with the administration of Payroll, Pensions & Contracts.
Parental Choice is aware that the legal obligations of hiring a nanny can be daunting and time consuming. We have working knowledge of the current employment laws and the tax system and have a team of skilled payroll services and legal advisors to offer legal advice on employment and HR issues.
Indeed, juggling parenting and the work life balance can be difficult at times. Our helpful and experienced team of childcare experts offer helpful and practical parenting advice through a variety of online, digital, telephone & face to face platforms.

Our Support & Advice corporate service features & benefits include:

Included within all our services is the help of our friendly teams of childcare and legal and payroll experts who have been working with parents and nannies for over 5 years
and on hand 7 days a week to answer any questions parent employees may have.

We also offer a personal corporate service for companies with a dedicated Account Manager and Childcare Team to look after all your parent employees.

In association with some of the country’s leading experts in early learning, child psychology and development, childcare and education, Parental Choice offer a programme of talks designed for professional working parents on a range of relevant parenting topics.

Our presentations are all aimed at working parents designed with the concerns and interests of parents-to-be and parents of babies, toddlers and school age children. Each of the sessions are an hour long, ideal for lunchtimes, thereby avoiding the crucial breakfast or after work sessions where parents are keen to get home to their families.
Our expert speakers have in-depth experience in early communication and language and childcare and will support parents by helping them to identify what good practice is, and also what their child needs, with a particular focus on the three Prime Areas, (Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional and Physical Development) and the Characteristics of Effective Learning.

Examples of one-off presentation subjects we can provide or offer inclusive as part of a bespoke corporate benefits package are:

  • A-Z of Childcare
  • Childhood Psychology
  • Managing Career and Parenthood
  • Education
  • Positive Parenting Skills
  • Special Needs Matters

Designed and produced specifically for the company’s working parents, Parental Choice provide regular newsletters full of relevant parental news and articles and optional input features from your own corporate HR team.

Useful factsheets and FAQs on key parenting topics are available to download from our website or can be supplied for use by your HR department as part of your own internal communication development programme.

“Parental Choice are supporting us in setting up relevant talks for our parents (e.g. how to deal with temper tantrums) which are very well attended, as well as regular newsletters that allows us to communicate family initiatives directly to our working parents and providing childcare searches to ensure all working parents at L’Oreal are supported whatever age their children might be. We’ve had feedback that this offering makes our employees feel that we are taking their new life stage and their family’s welfare seriously and it is truly appreciated.”
Isabelle Minneci, L’Oreal UK & Ireland HR Director

“We know that parents and those with childcare responsibilities face a particular challenge in trying to maintain a strong work-life balance and searching for a good nursery, school or other childcare options can feel an overwhelming task on an already long and never-ending to-do list.  We’re delighted to be partnering with Parental Choice to offer our employees at Northern Trust in London a helping hand through their search services and by offering a host of interesting seminars to help our employees with children manage these responsibilities alongside their careers.”
Sarah Boddey, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer,
Northern Trust Europe, Middle East (EMEA) and Africa & Asia Pacific (APAC)

“We are committed to supporting our working parents by creating policies and delivering benefits and resources that provide peace of mind. Parental Choice dovetails nicely with our current emergency backup benefit offering, our maternity coaching as well as our policies for working parents.”
Head of HR, White & Case London