Supporting Employers

Parental Choice helps employers differentiate their corporate benefits packages for working parents from their competitors, thereby helping companies attract key talent and ensure they retain their most valuable resource. Boosting family-friendly policies and benefit packages promotes loyalty and commitment from both parties.

Parental Choice provides employers and parents with a unique packaged service to add value to flexible or elective benefit packages.

Parental Choice’s work is making a real difference to working mothers and families. Major companies are engaging with them to find a way to get the best out of their employees with families and at the same time finding more flexible ways for parents to work and bring up children. I would highly recommend Sarah-Jane and her company to HR professionals

Nicola Horlick, Money & Co

Can your organisation afford to lose your employees who are working parents?

Resourcing of childcare is one of the biggest concerns for working parents and Government forecasts have revealed that childcare fees will grow by nearly 30% over the next four years. As an employer, you do not want your valued employees to reach the conclusion that it is not worth going back to work full-time. This would result in losing key members of staff with all of the experience, client relationships and training that has potentially been built up over a number of years.

Benefits of supporting working parents & boosting family friendly policies
  • Reduces high turnover of valued female employees
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Attraction of new talent and strengthen competitive position
  • Creates loyal, engaged and committed employees
  • Increases employee satisfaction
  • Increases employee performance
  • Saves employees’ time and stress

Parental Choice wants to help businesses support their employees so that they can successfully combine work and family. By guiding employees through the childcare options at their disposal to fit their agreed working patterns, absenteeism and resignations can be significantly reduced, thereby saving money for both parents and employers. By helping parents get back to work safe in the knowledge that they have the right childcare, we are also helping businesses retain staff and improve loyalty and commitment which will consequently be reflected in their performance.

Please see our Services for Employer section for further information regarding the bespoke and tailored packages that we offer to employers. We understand that no company has the same profile of employees – our goal is to work together to find the right childcare solution for employer, employee and their families.