Don’t cry Mummy, I’m only going to nursery…

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Our guest blogger Clair Maskell is back.

Next week is going to be the biggest test for me since my daughter was born. At two years and two months old, she will be starting pre-school two mornings a week. It is something lots of parents are dealing with at this time of year, and it is a very daunting prospect for many of us.

Being from a childcare background,  my brain is struggling with both sides of the coin. I know she will be fine, I know they will call if there is a problem and I know the best thing to do will be to say goodbye and go. However, the parent in me is screaming “ but she’s my baby!!” and is desperately trying not to be the Mum who cries at the gates.

I have taken her along this week to see the Preschool and meet the staff. She quite happily went off and explored her surroundings, making me feel like a
spare part as I sat watching her and filling out forms. It dawned on me that these visits were probably more for my benefit than for hers! I had to stop myself going into nursery nurse mode and join in with the children!!

But the main thing that struck me is that she isn’t a baby anymore, and she doesn’t need me there all the time. Socialising her and improving her independence will come from her time at pre-school and it allows us both the chance to have a break from one another. I am putting my trust in the staff at
the Pre school to ensure the well being of my child……….practically strangers! It is so strange realising that so many parents felt the same when they had to put their trust in me when I  was working in nurseries and pre-schools.

So now I have to learn to be strong, bite my lip and let my daughter grow up! She is ready for this challenge and although it may be tough on us both to start, she will love every single moment making new friends and learning new things.

And so what if I cry……….I am her Mum after all!

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