Eldercare for Employees

Parental Choice’s team of in-house, independent experts provide impartial advice to working carers on the options available to them.

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Parental Choice recognises that with an aging population, there is growing number of people who are juggling working life with eldercare responsibilities.

As part of an all-encompassing solution tailored to the needs of your business, Parental Choice incorporates eldercare searches for your employees to take advantage of as part of their benefits package.

An eldercare search removes some of the stress of the responsibility of caring for an elderly relative and frees up time to focus on other aspects of life and work.

We do this by:
  • Providing a wealth of exclusive information as part of our online portal

  • Searching for out-of-home care

  • Delivering talks and presentations about care for the elderly

  • Including elder care articles in our newsletters

For employers: Parental Choice can create a package which includes free or discounted elder care searches.

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