Here at parental choice we understand that this is a difficult and confusing time for everyone. We have lots of useful advice and resources in relation to dealing with the effect of the Coronavirus for parents, employers and employees.


It is business as usual for Parental Choice.  Members of the team may be working from home but are contactable on 020 3818 1236 or you by email

Wellbeing Programmes

Parental Choice’s Webinar Programme

Wellbeing during COVID-19

As a result of the Coronvirus outbreak many of our clients are looking to support their employees who are working remotely with online webinars and wellbeing sessions.

We have looked at the challenges which are being facing by many families who are finding themselves adapting to the new normal of integrating work and life effectively and created a series of webinars to help you show your employees you really care.

All the following topics can be delivered live at a time which suits your business with a recording to share or by a recorded video for you forward to your workforce.

Work Life Integration – The New Normal

We are all masters of juggling and prioritising, but in our current situation where home has also become an office, a school and a childcare facility, we need to think and look at things differently.  Our team of experts will give you ideas and tips to help you create ‘your new normal’.

The Instant Teacher

With the sudden need to take on the role of ‘teacher’, many will be asking how best they can help and support their children. What might need to be considered and implemented to make this new learning environment and new teaching role a success. What are the dos, don’ts and what tips can be shared.

Mental Health & Financial Issues

This situation is stressful for us all. It is a time of worry and anxiety. The human mind is used to routine and habit. 2020 is proving to be a time of great mental upheaval and even the strongest of us will feel it, especially given the economic situation. How can you manage your own mental wellbeing and how to deal with financial concerns; this talk seeks to guide and assist.

Health Anxiety

Our mental health is as important as our physical health. Whilst there are clear physical symptoms that we can recognise, how do we realise that we are suffering mentally? This talk looks at how to recognise the symptoms of anxiety, how they affect us, our colleagues and our families and how we can manage those symptoms to be stronger both mentally and physically.

How to Talk to Children About Coronavirus

This is a whole new world for us all and children in particular will be less understanding of the situation. They will find it harder to grasp the consequences of what is happening and depending on their age will feel anxiety and stress of what may happen to them or their loved ones.

Mental Health & Managing Family Issues

Being suddenly pushed into close proximity with your nearest and dearest may bring its advantages but it can also have its disadvantages too. This webinar looks to how employers can support their employees and help them manage the complexity of family issues at home.

Parental Choice Family Wellbeing programmes are planned and tailored to the needs, objectives and goals of each individual business, usually forming part of a wider package of benefits to including family care searches.

Our programmes include talks, seminars and one-to-one consultations.

Working with a highly qualified team of subject matter experts, the talks, seminars and presentations are delivered in the workplace, or via a live video/webinar.

Subject areas covered include:
  • Childcare

  • Education

  • Managing your Career

  • Parent and Child Wellbeing

  • Menopause

  • Men's Health

  • Families and Positive Parenting

  • Relocation

  • Eldercare

  • Diversity in the Workplace

  • Stress-Busting

Parental Choice’s bespoke Family Wellbeing programmes equip your employees with strategies to cope and manage issues which may arise outside the office but have an impact on your employee.

Contact us to talk about how our childcare search services can assist your employees.

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