Are You Entitled to Tax Free Childcare?

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1. August 2018

The following article on childcare appears in July / August 2018 Family Magazine (

In April 2017, the Government launched a new system called the Tax Free Childcare Vouchers Scheme offering a new form of
childcare vouchers. It also increased free childcare hours.
Whereas previously, childcare vouchers were a benefit offered by employers and free childcare hours were simply provided by nurseries, there is now a registration process and an eligibility criteria to meet.

Are you eligible?
Yes, IF:

  • Both parents are working (or a sole parent is working)
  • Both earn over £120 per week
  • Employed or Self Employed
  • Live in England

No, IF:

  • Either Parent earns over £100,000 per annum
  • You are a two-parent household in which only one parent works

Click Here to download the full article (pdf)

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