Even superheroes can’t save everything….

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Avengers (comics)


Forewarned is forearmed or say the saying goes. I really bought into this concept before my recent holiday to America and Canada with my 2 ½ year old son.Having only just recovered from a disastrous flight from Cuba to Manchester with my then 18 month old I thought I would use the old adage and start preparing my now 2 ½ year old that we were going to be travelling on a plane.  I even roped his nursery into it and we were telling him he was going to America to go see Power Rangers, Captain America, Hulk, Ironman etc etc you get my drift….!

Cian’s dad did suggest that perhaps this wasn’t such a great idea because how on earth was I going to make the Avengers materialise on a transatlantic flight from Manchester to Seattle. I thought about all the P’s – you know the ones I mean about being prepared………except you can’t control external circumstances.

Who knew that the airline would lose my 2 ½ year olds stroller – much needed because I really didn’t want to chase him through US Immigration – but they did and I did………..! Who knew the nice trolley man who offered to help me with my bags would turn out to be not so nice? Who knew in all the chaos I would misplace our passports for them only to be found by immigration police officer in the wallet I thought I had checked thoroughly? Who knew my son would run away from the security checkpoint just as they ask for your passport rather than towards it? And who knew that US Airways in their wisdom would be playing Avengers Assemble on both legs of the journey? Yes!! – thank you God!

I’ll tell you what I do know, that flights for AmeriCan adventures are expensive so its best to plan ahead even if its as little as £5 per month, that security officers in Philly really don’t have a sense of humour and that there is no way on earth I will be travelling alone with my crazy 2 ½ year old son again. EVER!


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