Family Global Mobility

Family Global Mobility

Parental Choice is working with companies and educational establishments in the APAC and EMEA regions.
We are helping:
  • Employees who are relocating with families

  • Families who are settling children into new international schools

  • Teachers who are relocating to an international school

  • Businesses ‘sell’ international destinations to potentially relocating employees

Our International Services Include:
  • Searches for childcare and education, including SEND experts

  • Recruiting in-home care

  • Searches for extra-curricular activities, e.g. music clubs

  • Local orientation programmes

  • Wellbeing programmes, delivered in-person or remotely via VC, webinar or video

  • Destination marketing/information brochures

Our Family Global Mobility team would love to help you with your next relocation project. Contact us for EMEA or for APAC.

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