From Baby to Grandpa: Family Travel Ideas

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Planning to go on holiday with the grandparents? Maybe not this year, but here is Parental Choice’s ideas for family travel ideas which should suit the whole family.

When it comes to holidays, multi-generational trips are probably the most fraught with problems in deciding where to go and what to do. A holiday party that covers every age from a toddling little one to a less than sprightly grandma needs such a wide span of interest you probably need a holiday of your own after you’ve just finishing planning this one. It does require some careful thought, but it is achievable, and you can still ensure you give everyone a great chance of having a great holiday. Here’s some top travel ideas for all the family.

Fly away to the Magic Kingdom

Is anyone ever too old for Disney? Whether you choose to hop over to Disneyland Paris (well, nearby) or endure the flight to Florida, the lure of the Magic Kingdom is hard to resist. For the little ones, it truly is magical to meet their favourite characters and for parents, the looks and delight of their children will provide countless memories (and secretly, who doesn’t love the trill of a roller coaster ride?) As for Grandma? She’ll rekindle her Disney childhood memories, she’ll enthral in the joy of her grandchildren, and when she rides that log flume, she’ll scream like a 14-year old. From parades and fireworks, world class entertainment, excellent food, and great hotels, you will believe magic is real.

Hit the Spanish Costas

Spain remains the favourite family holiday destination and that’s unlikely to change no matter what Brexit brings. Spain is accessible with a short flight, welcoming, and in the summer, you can pretty much guarantee better weather than in the UK. The most endearing – and indeed enduring – attraction of Spain is that no one will ever be bored. If you stay in one of the big resorts like Benidorm or Torremolinos, it can be overwhelming deciding what to do every day. Smaller resorts are charming, still close to major attractions and offer that little bit of respite older members of the family might appreciate. With gorgeous beaches, theme parks, water parks, and all sorts of entertainment, it’s a solid choice for a family holiday.

Discover Cornwall

If going abroad is off the table, Cornwall is a hugely attractive option. Being the southern-most county of the UK, there is at least a good chance of some decent summer weather to take advantage

of the stunning beaches. And, anything Spain has, Cornwall has too! In bucketloads. Okay, so it doesn’t have Europe’s highest roller coaster (Port Aventura) but it does have its theme parks. Beside beaches and theme parks, there are superb walks, beautiful gardens, sublime surfing, and of course pasties, cream teas, and fish and chips. There’s destination dining (Padstow in particular), and the most charming picturesque fishing villages, impressive castles, and the charmingly endearing Cornish folklore (King Arthur and pixies). So many reasons to visit Cornwall – who can resist?

RV Road Trip in the USA

If you want a family holiday of a lifetime and also want to splurge, an idea that suits all ages and ticks all the boxes of convenience, exciting, fun, and memorable, is a road trip in an RV (recreational vehicle that we call a motor home or camper van) in the USA. Like a coach tour in the UK, it offers the comfort and convenience of travel on the road but with added freedom of having your home with you and the decision of your own itinerary.  Think of California with its endless sunshine, superb beaches, and exciting cities, or Arizona with its wide-open skies and incredible scenery, or maybe you can hit up the iconic Route 66 with its amazing, always fascinating, sometimes bizarre roadside attractions and welcoming diners. Whether you choose the greenery and mountains of Montana, the wilds of Texas, or choose to drive the perimeter of one of the Great Lakes, a road trip in America will leave an indelible impression everyone.


Take a Coach Tour

Coach tours are a highly under-rated from of holiday. If you think of it like a cruise but on land, it seems much more appealing. Your transport is organised, modern coaches are comfortable and accessible, touring coaches have toilet and refreshment facilities, you get to visit lots of different places with minimum hassle, and accommodation is all sorted. Coach tours around the UK are an excellent way to see our homeland if you don’t want to venture abroad.  A national coach tour will take you to all corners of the country, discovering sights that remind you just how gorgeous Britain really is. Be sure to have things to occupy yourselves on the coach on longer stretches of the journey.


When planning a multi-generational family holiday, make a list of all the things to do for each family member for each destination you’re considering. If there aren’t things to do under each name, you obviously need to look elsewhere. With thought and planning, you’ll have a holiday everyone will enjoy.


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