Finding an After-School Nanny

After school nannies are hugely in demand, and are typically employed to care for children over 5 years of age. An after-school nanny usually works term time only from 3.00pm (occasionally doing the morning drop-off as well) and where possible for full days during all or part of the school holidays. They typically live out, i.e. not with your family. Some after-school nannies may be studying part-time or on student visas and therefore can only work limited hours. After-school Nannies can do up to six hours a day after school and earn between £12 and £15 gross an hour.

After-School Nanny

What duties should you expect an After-School Nanny to fulfil?

Duties are more limited as they work fewer hours but their responsibilities include:

  • Pick up your child(ren) from their school and take to your home or to after school activities.
  • Supervise homework for older children or simply read to younger children or help with their reading.
  • Organise a structured playtime, relevant to your child’s age
  • Produce nutritious and wholesome meals appropriate to the requirements of each child
  • Organise bath time and bedtime, if required
  • Sole charge care for the child(ren)
  • Light housekeeping in the nursery, bedroom, play-areas and elsewhere as agreed with the parents

Contract and Payroll

An after-school nanny, just like any other form of nanny, must have an employment contract in place within 8 weeks of her start date. As her employer, you are also responsible for paying her tax and national insurance contributions.

The nanny employment contract should be clear on the salary, days and hours that she is expected to work, any babysitting required, her holiday entitlement etc. Further details on what should be in the contract are set out on our page on employment contracts.

If you need any help on drafting a bespoke contract which will cover all your house rules as well as provisions regarding accommodation and any specific duties you want carried out, do contact Parental Choice as we can provide that as well as payroll.

Finding an After-School Nanny

Before you start looking for an after-school nanny, do sit down and consider exactly what it is you are looking for; what you will expect her to do (child care, housework, homework help, driving), how much you will pay and what benefits you will provide. Do you want someone who can teach the children a foreign language or who has an active lifestyle? Are there any specific qualifications you want them to have?

Please bear in mind that whilst it takes on average 4-6 weeks to find a full-time nanny, it can take longer (on average 6-8 weeks) to find an after-school nanny as they are heavily in demand and most nannies prefer full-time work as they can earn more that way. So do give yourself plenty of time and be patient.

Once you have your list or if you need some further help and guidance, then contact Parental Choice and we will out your Mary Poppins list into action!

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