Hiring a Live In Nanny

Live-in nannies can provide the essential wrap-around care that many families need these days. They can provide care on a sole-charge or a shared care basis and can provide the flexibility a family needs to have care on a relatively ad-hoc basis whenever the family requires, for example, providing babysitting and weekend cover when needed. Live-in nannies also cost less than live-out nannies as they have accommodation and food provided for them by you so salaries range between £300 and £500 per week depending on the number of hours they will be expected to work, the location, experience and qualifications.

Whilst the advantages of hiring a nanny will be very appealing, the main thing to consider is whether a live-in nanny is right for you. The person you choose will become a member of your family and will be living under your roof all the time. She may join you in the evening and will be around sometimes at weekends. This is a key factor to consider.

Things to think about with a live-in Nanny

What accommodation and food will we need to provide?

A live-in nanny will require her own accommodation and preferably her own bathroom, although sharing a bathroom with the children is often the norm. She will require her own privacy and allocated time-off within her own private space. You may also look to provide her with a TV, mobile phone, desk, use of the internet and home telephone.

The nanny’s food is provided and paid for by you, as her employer and she should detail the type of food that she likes to eat and whether she has any dietary requirements. If you have any religious beliefs, allergies or dietary requirements that dictate what you eat, then these should be made clear to her as well.

What duties should you expect a live-in nanny to fulfil?

Any duties that you expect your nanny to carry out should be set out clearly in her employment contract and it should be clear from the start what house rules you have. It is important to manage expectations from the start, especially as they are living under your roof, so no misunderstandings arise.

Usually, a live-in nanny will take care of the children, do the washing and ironing for the children, keep their bedrooms and any communal areas in which they play clean and tidy. She will cook meals for the family and will generally be expected to keep the house in order. If you want any extra cleaning, then this should be made clear from the start.

What are your house rules?

You should make any house rules clear from the start, such as drinking and smoking as well as what your policy is on her own guests coming to stay, particularly if they are going to be staying overnight. Other things to consider include: how tidy you expect her room to be kept? Can she add her own food to yours? Can she use your washing machine? Will you set her a curfew to be back in the house if she is looking after the children the next day? Can she use your car for personal trips?

Hire a Live-in Nanny – Contract and Payroll

A live-in nanny, just like any other form of nanny, must have an employment contract in place within 8 weeks of her start date. As her employer, you are also responsible for paying her tax and national insurance contributions.

The nanny employment contract should be clear on the salary, days and hours that she is expected to work, any babysitting required, her holiday entitlement etc. Further details on what should be in the contract are set out on our page on employment contracts:

If you need any help on drafting a bespoke contract which will cover all your house rules as well as provisions regarding accommodation and any specific duties you want carried out, do contact Parental Choice as we can provide that as well as payroll.

Finding a live-in nanny

Before you start looking for a live-in nanny, do sit down and consider exactly what it is you are looking for; what you will expect her to do (child care, housework, homework help, driving), how much you will pay and what benefits you will provide. Do you want someone who can teach the children a foreign language or who has an active lifestyle? Are there any specific qualifications you want them to have?

Once you have your list or if you need some further help and guidance, then contact Parental Choice and we will put your Mary Poppins list into action!

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