Norland Nannies

What is a Norland Nanny?

Norland Nannies have been trained at Norland College since 1892. Norland Nannies are unique.  Not only do they have an academic childcare qualification that qualifies them to work independently with children, but they have also completed the prestigious Norland Diploma which consists of practical training, placements and a year working as a Nanny. Only once all elements of the Norland Diploma have been successfully completed can they call themselves a Norland Nanny.

Throughout their training and their careers, Norland Nannies must adhere to the Norland Code of Professional Responsibilities. If they are found to be in breach of the code, they can be removed from the Norland Register following a decision by the Disciplinary Committee.  Removal from the register means that they are no longer able to look for a job through Norland Agency or to refer to themselves as a Norlander / Norland Nurse / Norland Nanny.

Background of Norland College

Norland College was founded in 1892 by Emily Ward who had recognised the need for early years childcare to be more structured, centred around the child and loving and nurturing. Prior to the introduction of formal training at Norland, children would be cared for by ‘untutored’ housemaids before going to school. Norland was the first college to offer any kind of childcare training.

The college was originally named ’The Training School for Ladies as Children’s Nurses’, but it quickly became known as ‘Norland Institute’ because of its location on Norland Place in London. Emily Ward focused her training on the founding principles of Froebel (the German educationalist best known as the originator of the ‘kindergarten system’) and adapted them to be relevant to the needs of young children and their families.

Early Years Education at Norland College

Norland College has an enviable reputation in early years education and is recognised internationally as the best in its field. Norland College offers a degree programme which is validated by the University of Gloucestershire. It is a 4-year programme with three years spent at Norland College in Bath and the 4th year working in paid employment as a Nanny.  This position is found and fully supported by the college. Students studying on the BA (Hons) degree course at Norland College also work towards the Norland Diploma. This additional qualification, studied for alongside the degree, is what makes Norland graduates unique and highly sought after. Students learn all of the practical skills required to care for and educate children aged 0-8.  They gain a wealth of hands-on experience with children, learn how to cook for children, including weaning stages and techniques and how to engage children in their learning through creativity.  They also learn basic sewing skills and baby and infant care techniques to best practice standards. This ensures that they have not only the knowledge, but the skills and confidence to care for children.

Norland Agency

Norland Agency works exclusively with Nannies and Maternity Nurses who trained at Norland College.  The Agency prides itself on getting to know the Norland Nannies and Maternity Nurses they work with, which means that when it comes to placing the Nannies they can make the perfect match with your family. The Agency also strives to maintain a complete employment history of all Norland Nannies before placing them in positions across the UK and the rest of the world.

All Norland Nannies placed through Norland Agency have an up to date DBS Certificate and 12 hour Paediatric First Aid Certificate, completed in the last 3 years and 2 verified references. Norland also encourages graduates to keep their knowledge and skills up to date with regular Continual Professional Development activity.

Norland Agency staff can offer families support throughout the interview process including negotiating contracts and giving guidance on salary.

For more details about employing a Norland Nanny, including the training they receive, visit the Norland Agency website:, telephone 01225 90 40 30 or email

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