First day of the Summer holidays

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British Summer Holiday

So first day of the summer holidays for me and the first time I’ve had to think “so now what do I do?”

Having no childcare to help today, I was greatly helped by the good weather and the fact that a good friend of mine had suggested meeting up for a play date at a local stay and play. I realise that at the age of two?Daughter no. 1?doesn’t so much play with other chldren as ignore them and push them out of the way should they be going in her direction. So really although I could pretend that I was developing her social skills with my friend’s daughter, in all honesty I was just there for a gossip with my friend. (She was the trademark attorney for Parental Choice by the way and has done a fab job!) I was delighted when?Daughter no.1 decided to help my friend’s daughter pick up the raisins she had scattered across the floor until I realised that she wasn’t being entirely altruistic and friendly as all said raisins, plus an amount of floor fluff I would guess(!), went straight into her mouth! After about 2 hours watching our toddlers run themselves silly whilst the babies just bounced and looked increasingly bored, I decided it was time to go home and do some work.

Now I may be being a bit naive when I tell you that I still believe that Daughter no. 1 is capable of having an afternoon sleep without constant interference from me. So this afternoon whilst trying to work through all the emails that Parental Choice had thrown my way during the morning and work out how best to help our latest client on her childcare search, I left my two daughters peacefully sleeping upstairs whilst I scampered to the office (in my house I hasten to add!). Ahh how dumb am I?! Two hours later, thinking what lovely girls they had both been for letting Mummy work, I ascended to Daughter No.1’s attempt at cleaning the bathroom. She had not been asleep as I imagined but instead had been tipping every bottle of shampoo and bath gel onto the bathroom floor and then in a valiant attempt to clean it up had used every reachable towel to mop it up! Our bathroom is now a dangerous icerink if you try to walk?on it?and any splash of water renders it into a mass of bubbles! Note to self, time to put everything up high …. very high and if they are being quiet, there’s a reason for it and not a good one!

So this is my first ever blog, do let me know what you make of it and if you have any tips on how to avoid a toddler creating chaos in your home, do please let me know! Tomorrow is day two of the summer holidays, only 24 to go. I don’t think that gossip sessions and bathroom antics are quite going to keep my two occupied for long. I might try for some more ideas for Days Out. Failing which I could always leave them at their grandparents and run!


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