Flexible Working Week

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It’s flexible working week here at Parental Choice.

What is flexible working, you may ask. In simple terms it’s the ability to change your normal working hours, location or other conditions to allow you to fit your work commitments in with your family responsibilities. For me, this means that I mostly work from home or on the road rather than at the office. For others it may mean a later start or earlier finish time and for others still it might be a combination of many things.

To help you achieve this we’re commiting our blog to this subject for the whole week. It’s going to be a week of guest bloggers, all of whom share a commitment to making flexible work practices available to all parents/caregivers who need them. They will pass on their wisdom to help you achieve the best possible balance between your work and your family. Whether you are a working parent, an employer, a new parent thinking of going back to work or anything else relevant to the subject we will have something for you.

We kick of tomorrow with our first guest so keep reading.

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