Games you can play at Christmas time with the whole family

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Christmas is the best period of spending time with family playing games, talking and simply enjoying the company of loved ones.  Technology is of course everywhere around us, but there are things you can do which don’t involve TV or any other technology, only Christmas music in the background. For that, you will need games the entire family can play, games which are suitable for parents and children.  Board Games and Tables games are as popular as ever.  Most of us will have a traditional game that they remember playing with their family at Christmas time and so if you are looking for inspiration to start new family traditions look no further….

Foosball table

Foosball is an extremely popular game table in the UK. You can play foosball with 2 or 4 people, which is not something you can do with most game tables. There is something special about spinning the rods and controlling players which can’t move across the field, only left and right. This highly addictive game is the best way to bond family and if you don’t feel like playing in the match, you can always be a referee!

Air hockey

Air hockey is not so popular in the UK, but it is a great game table if you are looking for something new. Just like foosball table, it is a game which will make you break a sweat because you can’t play it cool. The only downside of an air hockey is the fact that only two people can play it, but you can always make a family tournament to see who is the “Air Hockey King”.  The Christmas afternoon will be over in a second with air hockey tournament.


There is not a single person in the world who doesn’t love UNO. It is the best card game because the rules are simple which means even young children can play it too. The main goal is to stay out of cards and that is not as easy as you think. You can match the cards by numbers or colours, you can change directions and skip people’s turns, but everything stops when someone drops pick up 2 or 4 card. It gets really exciting when you are down to one card and you forget to shout UNO…your opponents then race to catch you out!


Murder has happened! *dramatic music* You have to find and catch the killer by solving mysteries and checking alibis. Cluedo is one of the most interesting detective board games because you have to catch the murderer; you have to find the murder weapon and the crime scene. Everybody around you is a suspect so you can trust no one. A game which can show you how everybody in the family is dealing with stressful situations and it will definitely make your brain cells work.

No matter if the games are long or short, interesting or dramatic, there are tons of games you can play with your family without even thinking about the internet, Instagram or Facebook. Make this Christmas different than others!



The post is written by Mark, a blogger and foosball player for ages. He has a blog about foosball he called the Foosball Zone, where he writes everything one foosball player has to know. To see his work, you can visit his blog here:


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