“Hi, I’m X’s Mum” (or how becoming a mum means losing your own name!)

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ClairGuest Blogger: Clair from

Being an ex nursery nurse, you would think that I would be prepared for having my own children. In some ways maybe (I can create a good art activity!!) but nothing quite prepares you for parenthood.

And here I am now, with two years experience of being a Mum to a lively little girl!! I am one of the lucky Mums that gets to stay at home whilst my husband works. This itself brings many people to conclusions that I am a stuck up “Mum that does lunch” but even that is far from the truth!! Being a stay at home Mum can actually be quite a lonely profession, especially since we have recently moved house and I am yet to meet other parents in the area!!

Trying to keep things interesting for both myself and my daughter can be exhausting work! People think that being a stay at home Mum means you get time to clean the house as well as raise your child………too many conclusions being jumped to here!! The chance I get to tidy up is when she finally goes to bed, and even then I am totally shattered myself!!

Sometimes, I find myself thinking I should have returned to my job, mainly because I had adult interaction and was more than just my daughters Mum. It is funny how you find you lose your name once becoming a parent, and just get labelled as “………’s Mum”!!

But, every day is worth it. I wouldn’t change the fortunate situation I am in and the fact that I have spent 2 fantastic years so far watching my daughter grow. I make sure we have plenty of fun with various craft activities, exploring the outdoors and being in one another’s company. To keep myself within the childcare loop and in touch with other parents, I have created my website where you can read more about activities, recipes and many other child care related topics.

  1. ZainabJagotAhmed

    wow.. I am sat here reading this article and every bit of it makes sense to me. I too sometimes think perhaps I should go back to work, but that means being away from my daughter and I just can’t do it! Motherhood is tough but really is the best thing in the world and I wouldn’t change it for anything…

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