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Interview With Sarah-Jane Butler, Founder, Parental Choice

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Sarah-Jane, you’re the Founder of Parental Choice, which provides specialist childcare services. Tell us a bit about the company, and what drove you to start it.

“The main childcare challenge that relocating families face is the lack of knowledge of the area and country that they are moving to. Standard relocation services will help find a house and a school but what parents really need to know is their options (rather than just be dumped in the nearest international school) as well as how the admissions process works. In addition most standard relocation services do not deal with the relocating children who are below school age. If a family has a baby and a toddler, it will need to know about nurseries and if both parents are working, they will need to know about childminders or nannies and how to practically sort out such childcare for their children. Parental Choice can look after all these aspects.”

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