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If, like many of us, the arrival of children means the departure of any attempt at putting together a wardrobe that is flattering and up to date, then this, our latest blog, is just for you.

We have teamed up with Nicola Gotthardt-Mills who has run her own personal styling business, for over 3 years, to give you some tips and advice on how to help normal women like you or me find flattering colours and styles that suit your body shape and personality. If you like this blog and would like to read more from our own fashion guru then please “like” this page and we will endeavour to bring you more regular updates designed to help you build a wardrobe to suit you and your lifestyle!

This week, Nicola is looking at what goes on under your clothes and how to get the right underwear to fit you. pic of NGM

“I am also a mum of Isabelle (3 and a half) and my latest addition, Joseph (11 months).  So, not only am I a qualified personal stylist, but as a qualified mum, I can help you bin your maternity bras and get you back to feeling like you after having your babies and time away from work.  I had to do it and so can you!

It was important for me to get back into my pre baby clothes.  It’s not always easy  is it?! My body definitely isn’t the same after my second baby and I found it a lot harder to lose my baby weight second time around.

With women like you in mind, I have designed this blog to be helpful – not bombard you with latest trends leaving you feeling confused and thinking’ how the ‘eck do I wear that’ or ‘very nice, but totally not practical for my lifestyle’.

Your clothes say a lot about you, and your self-confidence comes from how you look and feel, whether it’s at work, on a night out or just you. After having a baby, clothes can become intimidating when you are either trying to dress your new body shape, your new huge boobs or knowing what to wear going back to work for the first time, after a long time.  I can show you how to discover the best aspects of your personal appearance by evaluating your image and by helping you project yourself confidently and stylishly – because if you look good, you feel good!

In my following blogs you will discover so much.  I am starting with the basics such as the foundations (bras and shape wear) – followed by how to accessorise, different types of body shapes, how to dress your body shape, which high street shops cater for which body shapes and I will of course also talk about seasons trends and guide you through them.

The foundations:

Good styling starts with underwear!  Christian Dior once said, “Without foundation there can be no fashion” and he was absolutely right.  Your underwear provides the foundation upon which your entire style and appearance rests.  It is where the start of looking and feeling good begins.  Underwear should not be underestimated.  The shape of your body can change for better or worse depending on the lingerie you are wearing.

Did you know that shockingly 95% of women wear the wrong size bra and yes, that is a true statistic! Most people buy too small in the cup and too big in the back.  Breasts that are inadequately supported soon lose their shape and firmness, so it is important to support them as best as you can! Differences in size can sometimes be very subtle.  Your bra size changes with your weight, when you are pregnant and as you grow older.  A small change in shape can necessitate a change in bra size. Therefore, it is vital to get the right bra size, not only to support your breasts properly, but also to ensure that your clothes flatter; the wrong shape or size bra can create unsightly bulges or add weight.  The most important thing about choosing your bra is the fit.

You should demand four things from your bra: fit, comfort, support and suitability for your clothing. A nude bra is a must, black is optional and a white bra is unnecessary and wearing a nude bra under white garments gives a totally natural appearance. When putting on your bra you must adjust your boobs to ensure that they are in the cups properly.  This may mean lifting your bust into the cup.  A good idea is to try the bra underneath the garment you intend to wear it with.  You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes without trying them on and making sure they fit properly, so apply the same to your bra! If you are looking for a bra to wear every day, choose a bra that’s well constructed rather than one that is too dainty.  A good bra will lift and give you waist definition, which is always good!

Ok, so how do you know if you are on shaky ground?  Well, if any of the below scenarios apply to you, then you need to get your bra size checked.

  • If your bra rides up at the back of your ribs, the back measurement is too big which means your breast tissue is not supported.
  • Your bra should fasten on the loosest hook when you buy it and feel quite firm and tight across your back without making you look fleshy.  As the bra ages you tighten the back by using the hook further away from the clasp.  When you are on the tightest hook and you no longer feel necessary support, it is time to buy a new bra.
  • Every brand of bra fits differently and measure differently so each time you buy a different brand of bra you must get fitted professionally.
  • ‘Double breasting’ – when your bra is too small for your breasts making excess breast tissue pop over the top – it looks terrible, but is easily rectified with a bigger cup size.
  • If you can feel your under-wire poking into your flesh it’s time to go and get a new bra!
  • Underarm ‘spill’ – if your boobs are spilling out the side of your bra you need a better fitting (or better cut) bra.
  • The underwire should lie flat against your rib cage and not dig in, rub or poke out the front.
  • If you have strap marks on your shoulders when you take your bra off – that’s bad! If you pop your straps down and your bra stays supportive – that’s good!

A well fitting bra should be:

The back panel – The back panel should not ride up above the clasps at the front.

The cups – The breasts should fill the cups nicely, with a beautiful fluent line between cup and breast.

The front piece of the bra should be flat against your rib cage, not against the breasts.

The straps – Straps must not be so tight that they pinch the shoulder nor so loose that they slide down.

The band. The band should be firm around your body.  You should feel it when you first try on the bra but then forget about it after wearing the bra for a little while.  The band should remain in place when you lift your arms above your head, if it moves when you do, it’s too big!

I don’t know about you, but bras can be a minefield to understand.  Faced with so many different styles in the shop, here is a breakdown for you:

Full cup bra – Encloses the whole breast, tends to separate the breasts, very comfortable, full cup bras also work well as a halter neck.

Balconette braLifts and separates the breasts, gives a rounded appearance with straps placed at the outer edge of the cups.

Plunge bra smooth – enhances the cleavage, good for firm, full breast and is ideal under t-shirts and lightweight garments.

Strapless smooth – Ideal under strapless garments, smooth finish, can be used with straps for extra support and pre-formed cup eliminates “nipple show”.

Shape wear is a garment that provides a foundation for your clothes and/or change the shape of your body such as Spanx pants and magic knickers. Shape wear is a must!  I can’t emphasise this enough.  It can make or break an outfit and could mean the difference between feeling and looking great and getting it wrong.  Shape wear will create a great line and is a great way to keep that ‘mummy tummy’ under control!

I’m so excited about all of the helpful information I can share with you and I do hope you stay tuned for the next instalment where I will discuss how to accessorise and discuss different body shapes.

This blog is great as you will have all of the information you need in one place and will be able to use it as your guide to getting to know your body better and how to get the most out of it.

Knowing how to dress your body shape will do wonders for your self confidence.  Women think it takes time and energy to look good every day, but by having the right clothes in your wardrobe and by having a few tricks up your sleeve, getting dressed every day will be a pleasure and not a pain!”

If this blog has been useful and you would like to read more, please press “like” and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

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