Kids, meet Jack Frost..

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I had one of those moments today when something mundane or annoying becomes something wonderful because you see it through the eyes of a child.

This morning was a cold one and I had to do some serious defrosting of the car. Standing outside in my hat, scarf, gloves etc I was a bit cold and grumpy and then I got a face full of de-icer back at me thanks to the wind. By the time I went back inside to load the kids into their cold weather gear I was not happy.

Once we were all ready to go we headed outside and my two children pulled up in wonder. I hadn’t noticed that the frost had turned the whole street white but they did becuase they have never seen it before (we lived in SE Asia until recently). To them it was amazing and so I started to look around with them. How did I not see how beautiful the day was before?

We were five minutes late for school today because I took the opportunity to teach my kids how to do skids on the icy pavement and smash frozen puddles. We all fell over and the neighbours think we are mad but we were laughing so hard by the time we got in the car that it was worth it.

So, note to self, look around and try to see the good before you see the bad and if you can’t see anything good ask the kids to take a look becuase their view of the world is nearly always rosy!

I can’t wait to see their faces when they finally see snow!!

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