What the large global mobility firms don’t tell you

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If you are being relocated by your employer, the chances are that you will be connected in with a client liaison person at your employer’s global mobility supplier. Their role will be to help smooth the way for the physical relocation of you, your family and your belongings from where you are, to where you will be. From your home to a new, hopefully-will-soon-be home.  

For the most part this global mobility supplier will do an excellent job on the logistics of the physical move. They may help your employer secure your visas. They may even give you a list of potential schools for your children, or make appointments for you to visit a list of schools on your whistle stop orientation visit. 

But there are many things that this global mobility supplier will not be able to do, due to the simple fact that they are generally not geared up to provide truly personalised and tailored relocation and orientation advice. 

You need a family relocation specialist child with suitcases at airport

When a family is preparing for a relocation, there is a bewildering amount of work to be done. Not only ensuring the emotional security of your children, planning the packing and shipping of your belongings, finding a new (and hopefully the right) school. There are the fair wells to say, the schools to leave, the utilities to cancel, the house to rent out (or sell) … amongst many other things.  

What you won’t discover – until you are within the whirlwind – is the added complicating factors of opening new bank accounts, obtaining new ID cards, can the ‘trailing spouse’ of your family work in the new country, the personal administrative, legal and tax implications of being an expat, navigating a new health care system, and being able to do the best possible due diligence on the schools and neighbourhoods that you are considering.  

This is why Parental Choice has branched out into bespoke, life relocation and orientation services. We are passionate about helping families in their life journeys – and increasingly that includes international relocations. 

Our global team of consultants is comprised of people who have all personally experienced both the wrench of and the joy that comes from relocating their families. We know the potential pitfalls, the stress-points and the shortcuts to happy relocations. We can work either through companies, or directly with families. And we firmly believe that if the family is happy and settled, the relocation is far more likely to be successful. 

Parental Choice is uniquely placed to help. Please contact us for discuss your relocation, or to request more information about our services. 

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