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Obviously we’d all agree escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life for a well earned family holiday does wonders for the soul and family balance.

There’s growing evidence that spending time out in a beautiful natural environment helps both mental and physical well being.

A UK glamping holiday is a great option as a simple getaway for a few days to relax and unwind, without the need to find the passports and get the children on a flight to somewhere in the sun.

Glamping offers the perfect balance of getting outdoors and back to nature, without the discomfort or hassle of pitching a tent and ferrying all the gear to a campsite.

Immerse yourself in the natural environment, let it calm you, and take the stress away.
So why choose a glamping?

It’s camping for non-campers.

You get all the attractions of camping, with none of the hassle! Camping made easy and comfortable:

Escape the rat race for a few days, get back to nature, unplug from your devices, and immerse yourself and your family in the countryside.

You have none of the hassle of owning, transporting and setting up all the regular kit needed for camping – and you’ll find yourself on a much more exclusive, comfy, and luxurious site.

You get back to basics – Escape the concrete, traffic, and noise:

● Fresh air – a big deep breath of fresh air sends more oxygen to the brain, releasing the feel good serotonin.
● Peace – it’s amazing how draining the constant traffic and city noise in our lives can be, get away from it, hear the birds singing, and if you’re lucky, a woodpecker in the local woods.
● Sunshine (not guaranteed, but we do a sun dance every morning for our Yurt guests ;)) for vitamin D – helping your body absorb calcium and phosphorus and helps improve resistance against some diseases.
● SPACE – being a glamping site you get lots of space.

You unplug – Switch off from the internet, social media, and work stresses (the Yurts do of course have regular power points in them…this is Glamping after all)

● Slow down – enjoy life, friends and family as nature intended – eat, sleep, cook, talk, laugh.
● Play – wonderful open spaces to enjoy nature and let the kids run wild and free.
● Reduce screen time – reduce stress, sleep better, engage with real life again – some studies show increased social media use leads to increased depression. Enjoy it being off for a couple of days (…although at Somerset Yurts we do get 4G if you get mega withdrawal and want to share your adventures with friends and family ;))

You’ll enjoy family bonding – Experience the wonder of nature together, beautiful views, huge open spaces to run around, explore, and play:

● Experiment with cooking on an open campfire together even if it’s just marshmallows…or smores…yum.
● Reconnect with your children away from the distraction of screens – read together, play a board game, cards, or dominos.
● Play ball games in the field.
● Fly a kite.
● Stargaze on a clear night away from the light polluted city.
● Create a scavenger hunt.
● Come for a walk around the farm meet the cows and calves.
● Explore the local woods and hills.

All while having a proper bed, a toasty woodburner to keep you warm in the evening, and a regular electric supply in your Yurt.

And of course proper power showers and a regular kitchen is a Godsend if the weather isn’t playing nice or you want to properly chill your beer and wine 🙂

At Somerset Yurts you get a small exclusive site with only 6 Yurts, with not a house to be seen for miles and miles. There’s plenty of space if you’re staying just as a family, but it’s also a great size for friends to book the whole site and enjoy a few days of exclusive use of the huge Yurt field and facilities.

Glamping really gives you the comfort, space, and tranquillity to unwind, relax and spend some quality time together as a family.


Thanks to our friends at Somerset Yurts for this article.  For more information and to book a getaway visit



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