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Is love a word you often hear at work? In respect of how you feel about your colleagues, how you feel about your company, or how your company feels about you? I wonder if a staff survey ever asked: “do you feel loved by your company”?

On Valentines Day From Babies with Love launched with a new client that specifically chose this date to announce them as their new supplier of parental leave gifts. They’ve embedded “love” in to their procurement strategy; they even represent their work with a heart.

From Babies with Love is the baby brand that donates 100% of its profits to orphaned and abandoned children around the world. We’re an award-winning Social Enterprise. Your company sends new baby gifts to colleagues on parental leave, and at the same time sends help to less fortunate children. Our service connects people strategy with corporate responsibility, and in doing so, creates poignant engagement that contributes to retaining working parents.

Intrinsic to our service, is that it makes people feel happy. Your colleague feels appreciated. Your company tangibly expresses that it values its working parents, and their families, as well cares for vulnerable children elsewhere. Warm and fuzzy. Love. Engagement. All getting at the same emotions and experience don’t you think?

More and more companies are discovering the growing number of ways they can choose Social Enterprises as their suppliers. As well as quality products and services, the impacts for employee engagement are significant, as every Social Enterprise has measures and shares stories of the positive change they create, as a result of partnering with you. Meaning everyone feels the love.

For example, From Babies with Love donates it’s profits to care for children like Lea*, in Angola. Lea and her older brother spent their earliest years in poverty. “They were both pale with deep circles under their eyes. Especially Lea was severely malnourished” says Maria, Lea’s SOS mother. The little siblings weren’t used to a warm home. Within minutes, they began opening drawers, lifting rugs, looking under the furniture. By the time Maria understood what they were looking for, food, Lea had hidden under the table in panic. It took a home-cooked meal to draw her out. Within months, Lea’s health improved. She gained weight and her cheeks reddened. She soon started kindergarten where she made many friends. And, as she transformed into a happy healthy child, her bond with her SOS mum only grew stronger.

*For child protection purposes Lea’s name is not real.

This Valentines, take a look at Social Enterprise UK’s programme, the Buy Social Corporate Challenge. Join companies like Santander, Johnson & Johnson and PwC and find out about the benefits of partnering with Social Enterprises to supply products and services that you need to spend on anyway, and find the ways you can do so, that share the love.

Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to hear more about how our clients are buying from Social Enterprises, we’re very happy to connect you. Get in touch via



Written by Cecilia Crossley, Founder, From Babies with Love. 



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