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The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return’. David Bowie.

I find these words from the late master of reinvention humbling. Someone can have ‘everything’, but, without love, it is nothing.

As I sit here contemplating this, I am surrounded by tissues and various cold remedies, having succumbed to the obligatory January cold. At the weekend, my throat was so sore I couldn’t speak. Not ideal with two year old twin boys. Thankfully, it was the weekend, so my husband – voice intact – was the hero of the day, and took over all parenting duties, having had a full on week at work and limited sleep (both boys were also hit by the dreaded illness).  I always love watching Daddy playing with his boys, but, this weekend, even more so. As I watched the boys squeal in delight as their exhausted Daddy did ‘round and round’ (dancing around in a circle with one on each arm), time and again, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of contentment and love. Love for my husband. Love for our family. And love for my boys – twins, yes, but both so different and unique.

It led me to think. There are so many ways of showing love, and of realising you are loved. One Valentine’s Day, long before children, my husband and I went for dinner at a restaurant we frequented fairly regularly. We walked in and barely recognised the place. They had squeezed in twice the amount of tables, were playing terrible romantic ballads, and had a single red rose on each table. Actually, not each one – our table was lacking. Until, that is, the couple next to us left, and the waiter, very unsubtly, took the rose from their table and put it on ours. The menu was as horribly ‘romance’ themed as you’d expect. It was a ridiculous evening, but one that we often laugh about now, having long since given up on going out on February 14th. I used to think my husband’s aversion to Valentine’s Day was a cop out, but now I am totally in agreement with him. It’s a bit of fun. But nothing to do with real love.

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Real love is in the look that my husband gave me this weekend when he was kicking the ball with the boys, shouting encouragement to them, and laughing at their sheer excitement. I can’t explain what the look said, but it made me feel whole and complete. I think it’s about feeling you’ve come home.



Written by super-mum blogger, Paula Keay, “East Molesey based Paula is married to Richard, and is currently a stay at home Mum to two year old twin boys, Max and Ben. After a long battle with infertility and numerous rounds of IVF, Max and Ben arrived two months’ premature, but, after their rocky start, are thriving and enjoying all the world has to offer.” 

Thank you Paula

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